10 Ways For Nurses To Build Trust With Patients

Americans declared nursing the most trustworthy profession for twenty years in a row! Today, patients are more trusting of RNs and consider them more sympathetic than other healthcare professionals.

But why do people trust nurses more than doctors, i.e., the person diagnosing their ailments and suggesting a treatment?

Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors, establishing a stronger connection with them. However, some novices in the nursing profession still deal with the issue of building trust with patients. So, we’re writing this article for them to explain specific methods for building a relationship of trust with patients.

  1. Dress appropriately

Nurses should dress professionally, allowing patients to identify them swiftly when required. Remember that impressions matter and your attire helps patients trust you as a professional worthy of their trust. People associate your uniform as a symbol of your education and training. Ensure that your clothing is clean to create the required impression. So, avoid presenting yourself before a patient with blood-stained scrubs since you don’t want to make patients uncomfortable in your presence.

  1. Educate yourself

Don’t forget to focus on your learning and honing your medical expertise. Many nurses have to treat adult patients, so obtaining a relevant degree in nursing digitally can help your career. Since you may get this degree online, it’s not time-consuming either. So, pursue an affordable MSN AGNP degree online from a reputable institute today. This education can help you become well-equipped with the know-how needed to become the primary caregiver of adult patients.

  1. Behave respectfully

Nurses should practice cultural sensitivity by respecting patients’ cultures, religions, and traditions. Don’t offend your patients by disrespecting their beliefs; making them uncomfortable won’t help them recover. Avoid doing or saying anything your patient may find offensive so learn about patients from different backgrounds.

  1. Show interest

Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors do. RNs should express their interest in listening to a patient’s problems. Remember that patients are more prone to communicate with a nurse, so nurses can gather important information from them to pass on to the concerned doctor. A nurse should introduce herself and know the patient’s name. Then she should remember the person by the person’s name. That’s how rapport-building works, and you amass trust from your patients.

  1. Communicate properly

Patients trust nurses because nurses communicate with them more often. However, nurses mustn’t forget that communication isn’t just about talking to patients or ordering them to take their meds. A nurse should console disturbed patients, answer relevant questions, and express empathy with their body language.

  1. Act professionally

Some RNs may find it awkward to maintain eye contact with patients, and others probably fear it’s not professional. However, experts believe nurses should look patients in the eyes to bolster communication and make them feel heard. This eye contact should be brief, regular, and not involve staring since staring is what makes most patients uncomfortable. In addition, maintaining eye contact expresses genuine interest in someone’s conversation. Hence, communicate your empathy via eye contact.

  1. Listen actively

Listening to your patients allows you to establish trustworthy relationships with them. Now, doctors are often criticized for spending fewer minutes with each patient. So, nurses can fill this gap by listening to what patients have to say and helping doctors know more about their patients. Make the patient feel valued, listened to, and understood. In addition, active listening makes improves the confidence of your patient. A confident patient can better share their symptoms with you for their well-being.

  1. Be friendly:-

Should nurses have to be friendly with their patients? Well, a better word should be “nice.” You may have heard that managers measure a nurse’s niceness quotient. Nurses can’t be caring, empathetic, or patient-friendly without being nice. Moreover, nurses are frequently reminded to be kind, polite, and friendly. Being friendly means you can ask patients non-medical questions such as an individual’s hobbies, friends, and other aspects of their lifestyle. That’s how you’ll show you care.

  1. Inform patients

Keep your patients updated with the progress in their treatment. Nurses should educate patients and empower them to ascertain their quick recovery. Inform patients about their upcoming tests and exams so they can prepare for the medical procedure. Informing them of these procedures shall help patients ask relevant questions. That’s how nurses can make patients more cooperative and involved in their well-being. So, treat patients as participants in their health-related decisions.

  1. Practice mirroring

Another tactic novice nurses should apply; is the mirroring practice. It means you mirror how a patient acts to make them trust you. For instance, talk loudly with a patient to match the voice and try to follow the patient’s demeanor. Remember that you’re not imitating the patient but how the patient behaves.


Recent surveys have stated that around 71% of people trust nurses “greatly.” But nurses must hone this trust by acting upon the suggestions mentioned above. So, RNs should behave respectfully around a patient. Dress like a nurse so patients can easily access you in a hospital. Listen to their issues actively to express your concern for their well-being. Practice mirroring to boost their faith in you and ask personal questions to help the doctor make an accurate medical assessment. Give patients any updates punctually because keeping them informed wins their trust. Moreover, educate yourself by getting your degree MSN-AGNP. That’s how you can leverage your expertise to help patients prosper successfully.


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