3 Types of Car Paint Protection and Their Benefits

The basic average cost to paint your car is $300 to $900. With such a high price, you would want to avoid having to pay it multiple times. You may not, however, know how to keep your car from constantly needing paint jobs to continue looking great.

The answer is car paint protection materials. Read on to learn more about different materials that can protect your car’s paint.

Ceramic Coatings

When you get a ceramic coating, technicians will apply a liquid polymer to your car. While they usually only apply it to the body of the car, they can also apply it to places such as wheels and plastic trim. The polymer will then form a strong bond with your paint that chemicals cannot break down.

Once there, it will cause the paint to become richer in color. It will also protect the car’s paint layer from dirt, water, scratches, and more.

In addition, this type of old to new car paint protection has excellent UV ray resistance. This will prevent the paint on your car from fading.


Wax, while common, is subjectively not the best car paint protection. It leaves a lovely glossy finish on your car after it is applied. It also protects the car against dirt and grime.

However, that is about the point where the benefits end. A car coated in wax is still susceptible to chips, scratches, and scuff marks. It also offers no resistance to chemicals.

In addition, it does not have a long lifespan. Depending on the weather and how often you wash your car, it lasts about two to four months. At that point, you or your technicians need to reapply it to your car.

Car Paint Protection Film

Car paint protective film is a thermoplastic urethane film. Technicians can apply it to your car alongside other mechanical services such as tint removal. Often, it is applied to the parts of the car that take the most damage such as the hood and bumper.

When you use film to protect car paint, you get coverage that can last for years at a time. While it’s there, it prevents your car’s paint from getting scratched or chipped off. Many types of car paint protection film also heal their damages over time.

It also protects your car from UV rays and other outside forces. The latter group includes bugs, water, acid rain, and more. Once these get onto your car, you can easily wipe them off during a wash.

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