4 Warning information for the truck injectors

The fuel injector is a key component of the engine. It is a precision component with very high machining accuracy. It requires a large dynamic flow range, strong anti-clogging ability, anti-pollution ability, and good atomization performance. However, your vehicle may not operate as expected when the fuel injector is blocked or there is an electrical fault. Before the truck injector fails, it will have some warning information, which we should know about.

Warning information for the truck injectors

The nozzle is coking

When the truck uses diesel as fuel, the fuel nozzle is placed in the combustion chamber, which is seriously coking due to the influence of thermal radiation, seriously affecting fuel atomization, fuel efficiency and work reliability. Therefore, nozzle coking has become one of the problems affecting engine operation. In addition, the nozzle coking may also be caused by the coal type because the worse the coal type is, the lower the ash melting point is, and the more likely it is to cause coking. The influencing factors are also the air supply volume of the boiler. Pulverized coal burning in the furnace requires sufficient air volume. If the air volume is insufficient, more reducing gas will be generated in the furnace, which will reduce the ash melting point and cause or intensify coking. If soot blowing and coke slag are not cleaned in time, the soot will make the heating surface rough, and the cohesive ash will attach to it as soon as it meets, forming a vicious circle and the soot will become thicker.

Deposits on the injector inside the diesel

The seemingly inconspicuous deposits can have a significant impact on performance because modern diesel engines operate under very precise conditions. When the nozzle is blocked by deposits from diesel fuel, the nozzle of the injector will scale. If the deposit appears in the nozzle hole or at the injector tip, it will lead to reduced oil flow and power loss. Deposits can cause several problems, including power loss, engine failure, unstable idle speed, and reduced fuel economy. In less serious cases, trucks may experience cold start problems or rough engine operation. In severe cases, these deposits can cause more severe fuel injector seizures. When the fuel injector is blocked by more and more deposits, the engine may completely malfunction.

The fuel filter is blocked

There are three reasons why the fuel filter is blocked. First, truck owners use inferior fuel filters. The filter element used by the inferior fuel filter is of poor material, which is difficult to play the required filtering role. It will be blocked after a long time and even cause oil circuit failure in serious cases. The second reason is that inferior gasoline is often added. The impurity content of different gasoline varies. Some gasoline contains large impurities and large particles. Even if the quality of the fuel cleaner is up to standard, it may be covered by more impurities after a period of use, causing a blockage. The last reason is that the fuel filter has not been replaced for too long. The fuel filter needs to be replaced regularly. It usually needs to be replaced after a certain mileage. If the truck continues to drive without replacing the filter in time, the filter element will be filled with impurities, which will cause the fuel cleaner to be blocked.

Excessive wear of fuel injector

There are two causes of fuel injector wear. One is due to the impact of the injector spring and the efficiency of the residues in the diesel engine. After wear, the surface of the cone sealing ring is widened and the deformation of the cone is smooth and horizontal. And the other reason is the abrasion of the part of the needle and the nozzle. This is caused by residue flushing brought in by high-pressure diesel engines. After wear, the shaft needle will be rolled into a cone shape, the nozzle will expand, and the oil injection sound will become mute. Once the fuel injector is worn, it will lead to a decrease in the fuel supply and injection pressure of the truck, which will cause a series of problems.

How to maintain your fuel injector

The first is to remove the carbon deposit in time. The carbon deposit on the fuel injector is not only easy to block the nozzle but also easy to overheat the fuel injector. The carbon deposits can be removed with wooden, bamboo, or aluminum scrapers. Parts with carbon deposits removed must be cleaned again with gasoline or kerosene. Secondly, if the fuel injection hole is blocked by carbon dirt, the copper wire or steel needle smaller than the fuel injection hole can be used to carefully clean it, and compressed air can be used to blow it clean. Moreover, if the sealing between the oil needle and the nozzle is not good, you can clamp the oil needle on the electric drill, dip a little grinding paste on the tip, hold the nozzle with your hand on the oil needle, start the electric drill, and grind for a few seconds. The ground parts shall be smooth, free of wear marks and deflection, and then carefully cleaned, reassembled and tested.

Importance of fuel injection nozzle

The fuel injection nozzle is an important part of a truck engine, and its working condition will directly affect the performance of the truck engine. A bad truck fuel injection nozzle may cause the following conditions in your truck:

First, the engine shakes. When the fuel injection nozzle of the truck is damaged and the fuel injection is not smooth, the engine will run jittery during operation.

Second, the power decreases and fuel consumption increases. With the damage to the fuel injection nozzle, the fuel injection quantity and pressure cannot be guaranteed, which will result in the decline of truck power and an increase in fuel consumption.

The third point is the increase in exhaust emission pollution. The failure of the engine fuel injector will inevitably affect the mixing and combustion of the combustible mixture, which will cause an increase in truck exhaust emissions.

The fourth point is that it is difficult to start or even stop. If the fuel injection nozzle is seriously damaged, the truck will be difficult to start, or even stop suddenly during driving.

The fifth point is that the engine lacks cylinders. If the fuel injection nozzle of the individual cylinders is seriously damaged, the engine is likely to suffer from cylinder loss, which will cause severe engine jitter.

The sixth point is black smoke from the truck exhaust. With the damage of the fuel injection nozzle, the atomization of fuel and the mixing of fuel and air can not be guaranteed, so the combustible gas mixture can not be completely burned, resulting in black smoke from trucks, increased engine carbon deposition and other symptoms.

If the above conditions occur to your truck, please replace the fuel injection nozzle of your truck in time. In addition, we also need to clean the fuel injection nozzle regularly. Many truck owners may think that engine fuel injection nozzles need to be cleaned at long intervals. However, it is not known that the fuel injection nozzle is easily blocked if it is not cleaned for a long time, which will seriously affect the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, we should try our best to choose a truck nozzle with good quality, so that our truck can travel longer and better.

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