5 Helpful Tips For Renters In 2022

Renting can be a fiasco. In today’s climate, more people are renting, and prices are rising. While affording a rental unit comes with many challenges, it is only half the battle. You’ll have a million different things to check off your to-do list if you plan to rent! Whether you’re new to renting or are looking to maximize your options, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we go over five helpful tips for renters in 2022.

Submit Rent To Boost Your Credit

Oftentimes, renting feels like throwing away money. Today, there’s a way to turn your rent money into a brighter financial future. Talk to your landlord to see if they are open to signing up for one of the websites that send rent deposit info over to significant credit companies.

When your landlord agrees to have you send in your rent this way, you can boost your credit over time. When you’re ready to purchase a place of your own, you’ll have the credit to show for it!

Before having conversations with potential landlords about a lease agreement vs. rental agreement, make the most out of your decision to renting by planning ahead financially.

Request A Walkthrough

Make sure you have requested a walkthrough of the place you’re interested in renting. Many people are moving out of state or being directed to open houses where other renters are already interested in the properties they want to rent!

Getting a first glimpse at places to rent can be challenging, and so is standing a fighting chance as a rental candidate. For all these reasons, be sure to request a walkthrough; even a virtual walkthrough will do! This way, you can see the place in some way and get to know the landlord before the competition rushes in.

Get Renters’ Insurance

Should any issues arise while renting, it’s good to have renters’ insurance to back you up. This way, you’ll have coverage if the unexpected occurs.

Depending on where you live and the policy you choose, you can find options that will cover issues like break-ins, property-related injuries, and many other circumstances you may not be prepared for!

Your landlord will often address these circumstances if they arise, but renters’ insurance always helps.

Take Pictures When You Move In

The day you move into a new place, take pictures of any damages or issues you see in your unit. You can show your pictures to your landlord as proof, so you get your money back! You can avoid issues such as paying for damages you didn’t cause and not getting your security deposit back.

Get A Feel For The Area First

In the competitive search to find a place to rent, you might focus less on the general areas you’re looking into living nearby. It is essential that you genuinely enjoy the community and location where you live.

Be sure you don’t rush into renting before taking some time to get a feel for the area. By considering the area where you’ll be living and the apartment itself, you’ll be able to make better decisions and find the right place to call home.

The Bottom Line

Renting can be a challenging process, and Thankfully, there are ways to make handling it a bit easier. Stay persistent in your search, and make sure you do what you can to protect yourself financially as a renter. Most of all, consider the suggestions above as you work to find your home sweet home in 2022.

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