7 Emerging Technologies in SEO to Boost Ranking

To become an SEO expert, you should know that it is a dynamic industry. It means that if some SEO strategies are working now, these SEO strategies may not work well in the next months. That’s why you should not rely on some specific SEO strategies to boost ranking. Along with following the current SEO strategies, you should also keep an eye on the latest SEO trends and emerging technologies. This is the best strategy to keep you up with the ever-changing demand of the industry. It is also the best way to win your SEO game. Nowadays, lots of emerging technologies are present in the SEO field. As an SEO expert, you should know these emerging technologies. Here, we will discuss seven emerging technologies in SEO that you can use to boost the ranking of your websites.


Google has introduced this technology in the SEO field in 2019. Till now, SEO experts are using it to boost ranking of their websites. NLP (Natural Language Processing) is the best technology of Google. With the help of this technology, Google can understand the meaning of a word in a sentence. For this reason, Google looks at the context of the sentence. This is the best technology to provide the best answers to the queries of the users. Before this technology, sometimes, the users can’t get the best results for their queries. You can also use this technology to enhance your ranking. By using this technology, you can create the best quality content for your website. As a result, Google will provide the best results to your search queries.


Along with NLP, Google has also introduced NLG technology to boost ranking. By using NLG (Natural Language Generation) technology, users can produce meaningful phrases and sentences. These phrases and sentences are just similar to natural language. While creating the best content, the writers have to face the problem of writer’s block. By using this technology, they can get rid of this problem. This technology removes the burden of the writers through automation. It is also the best technology to polish your content. Most of the writers are using this technology for the creation of short-form content. In the short-form content, there come headlines, meeting memos and product descriptions etc. When you will share compelling content on your website, you can decrease the bounce rate of your website.


It is an emerging technology in SEO that you can use to boost the ranking of your website. By using this technology, you can get an idea of how to use a specific term on a web page. You can also compare it with a collection of pages against this keyword. This technology is just similar to the measurement of keyword density. By using this technology, you can easily improve the on-page SEO of your website. If you will create the content of your website without using this technology, it can create problems with the lower or higher keyword density. Due to this higher or lower keyword density, Google and other search engines will not improve the ranking of your website.


GPT-3 has become a hot topic in the SEO industry since September 2020. On that day, the Guardian has published a story. According to Guardian, a robot has written this story. With the help of this emerging technology, you can create the best content just like human beings. By using this technology, you just need to provide instructions to this robot. After providing instructions to this robot, it can easily detect what to write next. It can predict it based on its reading on the internet. We can also use this technology in SEO. First, it is the best technology to create emails. Secondly, you can also use this technology for the creation of the first drafts. It means that you can get interesting points for your blog posts.

SEO A/B Testing:

Study by a dissertation help firm shows that most of the SEO experts are focusing on A/B testing. They are not focusing on SEO A/B testing. With the help of the A/B testing, you will have to provide different versions of your websites to the users. On the other hand, with the help of SEO A/B testing, you can provide the same version of your website to the Google bots. When Google bots will see the same version of your website, they can boost ranking of your website. On the other hand, if Google is seeing different versions of your website, it will not improve the ranking of your website. You can apply SEO A/B testing in various ways on your website. In the beginning, you should try to implement it on the title tags, Meta descriptions and headers etc.

Automated Content On-Page Optimization:

To create the best quality content for your website, you will have to consider lots of things. First, you will have to check the top-ranking pages in the SERP. Secondly, you will have to go through all the pages. Thirdly, you will have to figure out all the headings and sub-headings of these pages. Fourthly, you will have to identify the missing points on these pages. At last, you will have to work on the creation of the best points for your web page. Instead of spending lots of hours creating the best quality information, you should use this technology. By using this technology, you can create the best quality content just within few minutes.

Non-Text Content Factors:

As an SEO expert, you can’t deny the importance of non-text content factors. These content factors create the best user experience for your website. Moreover, Google has also announced the Core Web Vitals update in March 2021. According to this update, these non-text content factors have become the major factors of enhancing the SEO of a website. The most important types of non-text content factors are images, graphs and charts etc. You can use various tools to create these non-text content factors. The most important tools that you can use for the creation of the non-text content factors are Canva, Venngage and Invideo etc. By using these tools, you can make your posts more appealing and engaging for the readers.


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