A Portrait of Saudi Arabia by a Saudi Photographer

The images of cities of Saudi Arabia captured by Zuhair are gritty, unrefined and authentic. The kingdom is on the move towards social and economic liberalization and a beautification campaign. Old neighbourhoods are being replaced with nondescript apartment buildings. Zuhair’s images tell this story. But what is this country really like? These are questions posed by Zuhair, who documents life as he sees it.

Muhammad Sadiq Pasha

In this book, Muhammad Sadiq Pasha, the forgotten pioneer of exploration in Arabia, reveals the life of an artist who first documented the holy sites of Islam. In addition to taking the first photographs inside Saudi Arabia, he also wrote poetry on the topic, reflecting his ambivalence towards photography and foreshadowing the fate of the modern paparazzi. A devout Muslim and serious scholar, Muhammad Sadiq’s motives for taking these photographs were scholarly, religious, and altruistic.

Tasneem Tasneem

A talented Saudi photographer who was born and raised in the United States, Tasneem Alsultan is making waves around the world. A member of the Rawiya women’s photography collective and a PDN 30 Photographer to Watch, Tasneem is making a mark for herself and her country. Her work is described as both social and gender-themed.

Lina Mo

Lina Mo, saudi photographer, is a Saudi fashion and cover artist. Her art style merges traditional Saudi culture with contemporary, experimental art. Her images are widely published and exhibited internationally. You can view more of her works on her website. Let’s explore her work further. Here’s a look at her most notable photos. Let’s begin by identifying the Saudi culture and tradition that inspired her photography.

Safouh Naamani

A celebrated Saudi photographer, Safouh Naamani is being honored at the Red Sea Film Festival. A pioneer of color photography, she captured the change of Jeddah in the 1950s and ’60s. Her films chronicle life in the Kingdom and show the transformation of the city. A retrospective of her work will be held Dec. 3-7, 2020. The exhibition will feature rare photographs and restored archive films from the 1950s.

Mosaad Alkilabi

The Milky Way is an iconic constellation that stretches from the southern horizon to the nipples of the Southern Cross. Saudi photographer Mosaad Alkilabi was able to capture the stunning images by starting at 4 a.m., in the coastal city of Al-Wajh in the northwestern part of Saudi Arabia. In the process, he has become an inspiration for a number of people around the world.

Tarik Al Turki

Landscape photography is the passion of 24 year old Saudi photographer Tarik Al Turki. Raised in Jeddah, the port city, he has studied photography and worked in the commercial sector before finding his true calling in the art world. He combines photography and video to explore changing times in his home country and the wider region. In addition to landscapes, his work often features structures and constructions that are both beautiful and functional.

Norah Alamri

Born in 1992, Norah Alamri is a Saudi photographer. Her work is a mixture of street photography, art, and fashion, documenting the transformation of Saudi Arabia through her lens. She finds inspiration in the country’s culture, history, and differences among people. Her photographs have a unique style that is both accessible and timeless. Here are just a few of her photographs:


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