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Fashion is repetitive and cyclic – we often hear that from various sources. And it’s difficult to deny that some elements of clothing return to the new collections in modify formats. Finally, we find ourselves in an age when we can wear almost anything and feel the same stylish. So, what specific features make modern fashion so comfortable and accessible? And what role does Gianni Versace Italian fashion designer – play in this matter?

Features of modern styles

Modern fashion has several bright features that are difficult to ignore or miss. Some of them include the following:

  • Adaptability. You can barely find any period in fashion history that would be as flexible and customizable as the current is. Whatever colors, shapes, and materials you prefer – you can use them in already-existing models or create something entirely new.
  • Freedom. You don’t need to correspond to some standards to be able to follow modern fashion. Whether you’re tall or short, slender or curvy, or whatever other peculiarities your body has – these are not the determiners of your style.
  • Brand accessibility. If you prefer wearing brand clothing but can’t afford outfits from such giants as Chanel or Louis Vuitton, you can benefit from widely accessible Zara or H&M. 
  • Comfort-and-beauty balance. There’s no more need to prefer heels to boots even though you’re suffering from foot pain – now it is possible to combine gross shoes with elegant dresses, and this is just an example. Generally, if you want to emphasize your forms but stay warm and comfortable at the same time, modern looks are the best for this purpose. 
  • More colors and prints, but you’re not a clown. It is another trend that remains valid through several seasons successively. You can use unexpected combinations of bright and pastel colors, animalistic or other prints, combining classic, military, and purely elegant styles — and it will be combinable. 
  • More freedom with bijou. Affordable fakes are not those elements to be ashamed of anymore. You can use them as you wish, and modern fashion helps you by popularizing the cheaper semiprecious stones and metals. 

These features determine a lot about how currently appearing styles are perceived. 

Why you should thank Versace and his bold experiments

In large part due to Giani Versace and his innovations, people can take advantage of such diversity in fashion. One of the most significant impacts was combining controversial elements and materials. It allowed the break of ossified rules and introduced a new approach in the 90s of the previous century. He used this principle in many spheres of his business, which has led to other significant transformations in the entire fashion industry. 

When you think about fashion, today is unlike even several years ago. Today, people look at daring ideas and implement them to the routine looks. It deserves particular attention to how it looks in each person’s style separately from general tendencies. And we realize that without breaking the rules, it would be completely impossible, so read how Versace changed the whole world of fashion on Art De Vivre!


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