Australia’s Growing Need For A Better Eye-care System

Challenges of eye care problems in Australia

Australia has deficient eye care treatment for its citizens. With an aging population and the prevalence of chronic health issues, the need for a better eye-care system needs to be developed. One of the leading reports found that 90% of eye care problems can be treated if diagnosed early. It also found that chances of vision impairment in indigenous Australians are more likely to occur than in non-indigenous Australians.

The solution lies in bringing together various federal divisions of Australia and integrating the ophthalmologists and optometrists in Parramatta Westfield, New South Wales, Queensland et cetera into the mainstream healthcare system. Australia needs a strategy that can ensure that people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, strokes, etc, receive better facilities for diagnosis and treatment. The eye care doctors also need to work on being proactive in increasing awareness and creating a community of such doctors. They also need to play a key role in solving refractive eye care problems, detecting and treating cataract surgery, providing AMD treatments, and managing glaucoma patients.

Growth opportunities for eyecare professionals in Australia

Australia provides lucrative opportunities for eye care professionals. In a country that seriously requires more doctors and a better system of health care, the demand for eye care doctors is on the rise. Doctors in various divisions of Australia such as optometrists in Parramatta Westfield, provide top-notch services to the local residents. Many immigrant professionals have settled in the localities of Australia and are rendering their services to the people of that colony. This clearly shows that careers for such professionals are secured in Australia. Moreover, they are covered under the government scheme of Medicare, which makes the services provided by an optometrist, to some extent, free of cost. Private practices and personal clinics also provide good money – especially if one specializes in surgery.

Understanding the major differences between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist

Optometrists and ophthalmologists are both eye doctors. The essential difference between them lies in their level of training and years of expertise. It is important to know the difference to get the right treatment and consultation for the overall health of the eye. When it comes to the level of expertise, an optometrist has a ‘doctor of optometry’ whereas an ophthalmologist has a medical degree (MD), which basically means that the former is not entirely a doctor but a practitioner in this field. An ophthalmologist can do everything that an optometrist does – vision tests and examination of eyes, identifying eye diseases, prescribing contact lenses and glasses, and even performing basic minor surgeries. Ophthalmologists, being an MD, have the expertise to perform medical treatment and surgical treatment of eye diseases. Such a professional undergoes additional training and specialization in a specific area over and above the area of study of an optometrist.

Choosing the right eye doctor

After having a basic idea about the essential differences between the types of eye doctors, locals in various areas of Australia can visit different clinics depending upon their diagnosis. Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, especially in rural Australia, need to have increased awareness about the eye care problems associated with increased chronic diseases. While such problems are commonly seen in the ageing population, it is not shocking if people of younger age might also require treatment. One might still be unsure about the decision of choice. The decision lies in the proper diagnosis of the medical condition. If somebody has a particular eye condition or requires some kind of medical surgery, then an ophthalmologist is a better choice. Many a time, an optometrist refers a patient to an ophthalmologist for further analysis and treatment. Both types of eye doctors help in letting a person know if they need to come back for further check-ups or require any kind of treatment.

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