Beginners Guide for Designing and Decorating a Home Bar

Dedicate a corner in your home for a beautiful bar. Designing and decorating a home bar is an exciting task. You always want to decorate the home bar in a unique and trending way to enjoy the evenings. 

Also, this space should showcase all your favorite drinks and should have comfortable seating too. Here are some of the best ways to decorate the home bar with things like wall art, lights, and more. 

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Set up the bar

You have to decide the location of the bar at your convenience. It can be in the living room corner, below the staircase wall, or in the basement. An outdoor patio bar is also a fun idea.

Once you are done with the location, reconsider your space and designate a marked range for the bar. For example, you can have a large bar cabinet or a vertical bar according to the area.

Design the bar


There are so many options available for the bar setup. It can be a huge cabinet with a marble desk and chairs. It can be a standing table with all the bar essentials. It can be a corner or a traditional wooden bar cabinet.

Go great with a long table and washbasin on the shelf. Try green, blue colors for walls and bar cabinets. You can turn it into vintage or modern according to your personal choice. 

Try unique color combinations and furniture styles. Wine holders and other bottle decorating organizers should be on your list. Also, do not forget to decorate the walls of bar area with trending artwork and canvas prints

Don’t Forget The Essentials

Note down all essentials like exotic glassware or even the top quality brandy glasses, garnishes, knives, and serve ware. Decorate them on glass shelves or cabinets. Keep it cool by placing a fridge under the cabinets. Obviously, your bar should always be stocked up and ready to kick start the service. 

Your bar should have room for ingredients like bitters, simple syrup, triple sec, soda water, vermouth, etc. Then, of course, you’ll need a place for beer, wine, sodas, and a lot of spirits.

Ultimate bar Wall decor

Wall decor near the bar is very crucial to set the tone of the bar. It gives you a luxurious feel and sets the mood. For example, you can hang a four-frame square canvas with a vintage look on that long wall. 

Also, you can buy sizable wall art of a sassy quote. Rustic and raw wall canvas also looks excellent and warm. You can buy shapes, sizes, frames entirely according to your space.

Lots of Organizers


Include lots and lots of smart storage. The serve ware and bottles should be displayed gracefully. The extras and side items, and gears must be under your table or in drawers. 

Keep ample space for keeping all the things. Install vertical storage and accommodation under the table, trash bins, and all the items.

Comfortable Seating

Match your chairs with the counter of the bar. You can go for back support chairs for extra comfort. Design seating according to the family members and expected guests. 

The standard counter height stands 41 to 43 inches from the ground. Bar seats then need to be 29 to 32 inches from platform to seat, settling most people. For example, if the bar approximates 46 inches tall, the bar seats must be 30 to 36 inches long. 

Exotic Lighting

Pendant light hanging from the ceiling is a popular method of illuminating bars. A house bar looks unusually great with a group of three or four pendant lights focused above the bar. 

It should be high enough, so no one slams their head. Prefer more moderate voltage bulbs and a faint radiance to give your bar area a pub-like environment.

Also, acknowledge recessed lighting. The drinking area needs sufficient lighting, just like kitchen prep areas. Under-cabinet lighting also works great in bar areas. 

With today’s ultra-adaptable LED lights, you can introduce lighting where you wish and turn the light tint to change the feeling.

Let’s Wrap it

Designing a bar is a dream come true, a small or massive one; create it according to the guest. But, first, include enough stock with gorgeous serve ware and essentials. 

Then, accessorize it with pretty pictures and decor. You and your guest will have a pleasant time, and everyone will appreciate you for your effort.


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