Best Business Security Cameras for Small Business for Today’s Hybrid World

In order to use Video Cameras effectively everyone needs an intuitive and easy user interface. Today we no longer have one security person but actually many people sometimes everyone is in charge of overall security. 

The easier and faster people can access live and recorded video, the more people that can access it, and the simpler it is to see things quickly the more secure your environment will become. 

Today business owners and manager need remote access to their video cameras. This is best done using a cloud based video surveillance solution.  Security cameras today can pay for themselves by providing us more data. On what is going on in our offices. In addition to security managers today expect a measurable ROI by using their system for more than just recording slip and falls, smash and grabs, or crashes in the parking lot.

In our new hybrid world, with many employees working at least part-time from home, the company’s video surveillance system becomes the eyes of managers and employees. 

More visibility and access to video change the dynamics from a supervisor privilege point of view. When video access is democratized and can be used as a tool by all to improve everyone’s natural visual sense, and they can see things not only where they are but at other places and from different perspectives, how will this affect office culture?

Video is almost more valuable when it’s from somewhere we are not. This is why remote access is so critical. 

In a democratized video world, the warehouse manager can see if the pallets were moved or if the container in the yard was picked up. HR can check if interactions of employees ar cordial and are within company values and policies. From workflow and process monitoring, studying best practices, and training cameras have infinite new possibilities.

In companies with a healthy culture there is trust, and everyone collaborates. This trust should be part of the new approach and philosophy of using modern video management. 

Discover more benefits of leading cloud security cameras by checking out one of the players in the field that has the highest focus on vendor – independence and open standards IPTECHVIEW. This solution was launched in 2014 but it already has clients in 20 odd countries and 10,000s of cameras world wide.  

Their product works with some of the top leading camera brands and they have their own value camera line that can be mixed in with specialty and higher end cameras for specific applications. Small businesses sin particular will like the easy to activate universal alarmsystem integration that makes video verification super fast and easy.

For larger multi-site projects the cloud is also definitely the better approach since it offers fast, secure yet universal access to all the locations and can provide organization wide visual data.

As your local technology partner about There are local partners in over 20 countries and the company is bringing on new dedicated partners all the time.


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