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The code speaks for you, whether you’re a novice or an expert. A messy code leaves a bad impression, regardless of whether you’re an expert. You don’t have to worry if you use four spaces instead of tabs, unless you’re Richard Hendricks. As a good developer, you must make sure your masterpiece is tidy and clean. After all, code is poetry. Have you ever seen a limerick without rhythm or a sonnet without line-ending rhymes? It is important to polish the code before exposing it to the public, just like any other piece of art. And, this is precisely when code tidy tools are used.

A number of tools are available when it comes to refining code snippets. The application Decoravit organizes code into a coherent structure where all elements have their place in a coherent structure that makes them look uncluttered. Other great tools are Dirty Markup and Pretty Printer . Unlike Decoravit, which is limited to Apple’s devices, these two instruments are universal and can be used by anyone. Dirty Markup has a user-friendly interface and some helpful settings that work with HTML, CSS, and JS. While Pretty Printer has an old-fashioned vibe, it is still capable of operating with CSS and JS, as well as PHP, C++, Java, C, and Perl as well. You can also adjust the indent, line length, brace style, etc.

What is clean code?

It is important to write clean code because it is clear, understandable, and maintainable. By writing clean code, you help others understand its purpose so they can eventually make changes to it. You are helping others understand your code so they can read and interpret it at a later date.

As part of a house, clean code is the foundation. Clean code principles lead to highly modular source code that is easier to read and test. Implementing clean code principles is a foundational skill that pays off particularly when you need to refactor or test your code.

What are the 3 principles of clean code?

To write clean code, remember these three principles:

  1. Make sure the tool you choose is the right one
  2. Ratio of signal-to-noise should be optimized
  3. Make sure your code is self-documenting

Tips to write clean code

Here are a few tips that can help you to write clean codes.

  • You should use a convention to indicate the scope of variables. This follows nicely from naming conventions.
  • It is incredibly powerful to use whitespace, and it usually has absolutely no downside. Using whitespace can add a few extra kilobytes when it comes to languages like JavaScript, in which the file size of the source code is critical.
  • It’s pretty straightforward, but it’s easy to forget and probably the most common. If another developer is looking at your code, the most frustrating thing is to see a variable named with a misleading name or a single letter.
  • Keep things clear, and you know exactly what you’re working with by following conventions. A naming convention is a great way to get started. In essence, naming conventions mean that you choose a set of rules to call your variables by. It can be a little tricky, and people don’t always agree on the best method.
  • Add comments to your code to explain what a complex function does or the order in which certain operations are performed. Adding comments can save lives or at least headaches.
  • The more technical the code, the more readable it needs to be. Automation is the key to saving time and space.
  • You will likely have a lot of variables in your class when your projects start getting larger. Birds of a feather group similar variables together. It’s best to keep all of your variable declarations at the top of the page, or at least all together—this makes finding them faster.
  • It’s best to look at what’s actually happening instead of writing a long, rambling description of a function.
  • It is important to remember that it has a great deal of power. If you have multiple loops in your code block, you will need different iterator variables. It’s always a matter of debate, and the answer is a little subjective, but if they’re one after another, it makes sense to declare your iterator outside of the loop. The iterator variable “i” is always clear, and it’s also slightly more efficient.
  • It’s best to separate functionality into a separate class if there’s a lot of functionality you want to keep together.

Best Code Tidy/ Clean Up Tools for Developers.

LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that offers manual and automation testing of websites and mobile apps across 3000+ real browsers, devices  and OS combinations. It also offers a set of code tidy tools. These tools are free, robust, easily accessible, and simple to use. LambdaTest team offers 24×7 support and has more than 120 integrations. They offer detailed analytics and reporting as well. Following is the set of code tidy/clean up tools that LambdaTest offers.

1. JSON Prettify:

The JSON format is often used to store data, but it is difficult for the reader to comprehend. Prettify JSON will indent the JSON file, make sure everything lines up similarly, and puts the closing parenthesis in the same place each time. The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format is used for storing and transferring data in value pairs that can be easily parsed by machines. It represents human-readable text to store and transmit data. JSON content is beautified to make it easier to read via Prettify JSON.

2. JSON Minify: 

Using Minify JSON, whitespace and comments are removed from blocks of JSON-like content, but their syntax is preserved. The JSON standard does not include comments. Yet, you can specify whether to remove them with JSON.minify(). Although JSON.minify() is being developed in JavaScript, it is also compatible with other environments.

3. HTML Prettify: 

Indented or unindented HTML code can be beautified with HTML Prettify. This tool will help in increasing the readability of the code. It gives the HTML code proper indentation. By doing so, it makes it easier to understand and debug the code, as well as when reading other developers’ codes. The library uses regular expressions to format the code, which makes it easier to read. A search for indentations, line breaks, and extra spaces is performed, and they are removed or corrected as necessary.

4. HTML Minify: 

In HTML Minify, redundant or unnecessary data are removed from HTML and CSS. Minifiers are used by developers to make the code easier to read later on by other developers. Anything that is unnecessary without affecting the function of a file is removed. By removing indentation, comments, and other such details, HTML Minify reduces the file size without affecting anything else.

5. JavaScript Minify: 

In JavaScript Minify, you can shrink your JavaScript files by removing unnecessary characters, such as comments, white spaces, and semicolons. Abbreviations are expanded and variable names and functions are shortened. In addition to compressing JavaScript files, developers can also use our tool to push the newly compressed files to the web server, where they can be viewed by web browsers. JavaScript Minify removes unnecessary characters and lines from source code without affecting any other code.

6. CSS Minify: 

Using CSS Minify, unnecessary characters in your source code are removed to reduce file size and speed up your site. Users receive the minified version of a web page rather than the full version when they request it, which results in faster loading times and lower bandwidth costs. With CSS Minify, you can streamline your application file by removing white spaces, line breaks, block delimiters, comments, etc., and improve search engine rankings. To use the CSS Minify tool, simply paste your CSS into the tool, click the minify button, and then copy and paste the converted code into your project.

7. CSS Prettify:

Using the CSS Prettify online tool, you can beautify your CSS code and make it more readable. CSS coding can be messy because the coder can’t dedicate his full attention to its appearance while focusing on technical tasks. Enter your CSS code to beautify, format, prettify and make it more readable.

Multiple developers working on the same project can use different formatting styles. Indentation, spacing, and other formatting can become disorganized when writing CSS Style Sheets. To make CSS Style Sheets easier to read, this tool helps maintain indentation consistency, as well as minify or obfuscate CSS Style Sheets to make them easier to understand. Indentations, line breaks, and extra spaces are removed or corrected by the tool.

8. XML Minify

By detecting and removing unnecessary spaces, indents, and newlines, this tool reduces the size of your file. With XML Minifier, tags, unnecessary spaces, and identifications are automatically detected and eliminated, making the file size smaller. Using smaller code allows web pages to load more quickly, which makes them more accessible to more people.

9. XML Prettify

The free online XML Prettify tool from LambdaTest allows you to pretty print Extensible Markup Language (XML) data files. With XML Prettify, your XML tags will be indented based on how your document is logical and structured, and the number of spaces per level can be customized. This tool lets you customize how your code will appear. Indentation, comments, and syntax coloration can all be adjusted, along with the amount and angle of indentation.


The code cleaner tools can act as a lifesaver. Even though some of them can fix minor bugs and make code look nice, it is important to note that you should also improve your development skills. In order to become an experienced programmer, you must develop the habit of writing well-organized code from day one and these tools will make sure that you achieve your targets on time. For advanced developers as well as beginners, these tools remain indispensable. For instance, when working with someone else’s work or looking at unformatted code, these tools can prove to be really helpful.


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