Choosing The Best Pressure Washer For Your Gardening Needs

Having a pressure washer is a compulsory especially if you own a garage, porches or patio which needs cleaning most of the time. Take note that you do not need to be an expert cleaner Just a simple homeowner who cares for his floorings, walls and gardens is already enough.  Giraffe’s pressure water has the ability to wipe out all the dirt in every tile floor corners, wood decks and wall edges. You can also rent and buy your own pressure washers from sites like Hotsy Equipment Company that you can use in cleaning.

With these being said, it decreases your time in cleaning extensive walls and floorings with a rug – simply allowing you to do other things and be more productive. 

Equally to lawn mowers, boats, dirt bikes, and trailers, the pressure washer is combined with retractable hose which allows you to move freely in any given area. It also gives you the superiority to be the best cleaner ever.

Selecting the suitable pressure washer  

Pressure washer helps you in making your work efficient and easier. You see, you are not targeting the walls, roof and windows but also other hidden spaces such as walk ways and side walks. Say goodbye to gums and garbage stains caused by every day use because there is nothing this Giraffe pressure washer can’t do.  

Specifications and Design

Aside from being a massive cleaning tool, pressure washer is also equipped with a TSS (total stop system) which serves as a benefit in synergy with its pump. This feature also helps in safeguarding the area that is being cleaned from any damages. 

The ergonomic gun has a larger trigger which lets you to do the work quickly possible – preventing you also from having hand fatigue. No need to worry about over using it since this cleaning tool automatically shuts off when the trigger is not engaged. You can also consider this feature while using it. You can either choose an average pressure or a heavy one based on your cleaning style. It’s built in pump will do the trick in maintaining that everything will not be damaged.

As a result of these, saving energy would be easy, so your pressure cleaning. Simply, it’s like you are just lifting a finger and creating a non-patterned motion which is undeniably enjoyable rather than having your fingers pressed on the rug as you wipe the walls and floor clean.  

When it comes to design, it is a wall-mounted system and the operational process does not require you to allot much space leaving you with tons of spaces for your other gardening tools and equipment. 

This pressure washer also comes in 2-in-1 design namely the P106-G30 and the heavy duty pup which can offer 2200 Pounds per square inch of pressure in cleaning the roughest stains and dirt in one press. 

In addition to all of these, Grandfalls model has 100-feet long pressure washer hose which is already ideal if for cleaning such huge areas like porches, patios, and decks. Surely, any residence of any size can improve its appeal because of these features.

Radius and Pressure

Radius and Pressure is one of the most significant aspects that is needed to be considered while purchasing a pressure washer for it determines how efficient you will be in working and cleaning. Because of its 100-feet long retractable hose, you can easily cover each corner of your front or backyard without thinking hose extensions demands. 

Also, it’s self-layering system automatically wraps up the hose. For the pressure, a regular pressure washer can produce 2200 PSI tof power to dispense 1.3 GPM of water per minute. This high pressure washer hoses can not only perform deep cleaning around your home but you can also use it in cleaning your motors, storage and other stuff which has dirt and stains. 

More so, it’s optimal performance is being observed due to built-in devices that draw less consumption. This is also empowered with pure copper relief valve that drasticall enhances the inlet suction. 

Installation and Maintenance

If you worry about spending too much time in assembling all the parts on your own, do not. The cleaning tool is ready-made and you can easily mount in on concrete/brick wall. The reel is already attached to the machine body plus it has accessories like detergent cannon which you cannot find to other competitors. 

Giraffe’s pressure washer has different PSI. With these being in all one package, you can also save money from purchasing other accessories. You can also look at the manual to assist you in the installation process. Aside from these, you can also get warranties which is very much beneficial for you. 


Pressure Washer is like a shower which cover ups every corner of your floors and walls. You do not need to exert much effort plus you can save time and money since this product comes with a retractable hose and high-pressure washer. 

Of course, there may be times that you would think twice about this product because how good it is to be true? Right? Well, if you can envision your place to be cleaner than ever, then you should acquire one. 


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