Common Types of Gift Hampers You’ll Find in Singapore

Gift hampers are very popular in Singapore. You can find them at many stores and restaurants, where they are given as gifts or used as prizes. If you’re wondering why gift hampers in Singapore are so popular, here are some reasons:

– They’re easy gifts to give

– The possibilities for content are endless

Gift hampers can contain many different items, but there are common types of hampers you’ll see again and again.

The following is a list of the most common types of gift hampers you’ll find in Singapore:

1) Wine hamper- Wine is a popular gift hamper in Singapore, and wine hampers are easy to put together. Just buy a case of good quality wine and add in some snacks, and you have a nice wine hamper for any occasion.

2) Fortnum & Mason Hamper- This hamper contains English food items that all connoisseurs will enjoy. The hamper includes items like chocolate truffles, cheddar cheese, and clotted cream.

3) Chocolate hamper- Who doesn’t like chocolate? A box of chocolates – or better yet, a gift basket of chocolates – is a safe bet for any gift you need to give.

4) Fruit hamper- Fruit hampers are packed full of fresh fruit. They are great for students who need healthy snacks to keep them going, or if you have a friend moving abroad and are sending them off with one last taste of Singapore.

5) Blooms hamper- This is another good gift for someone who likes flowers – they’ll get bunches of them in this hamper!

6) Gift basket- This is probably the most versatile kind of hamper. There are too many possibilities for this article to go over all of them, but some common contents include wine and chocolate, tea and cakes/biscuits, cheese, and crackers.

7) Tote bag hamper- This is a good choice if you’re looking to give a more practical gift. It usually contains items like wine, snacks, and even cosmetic bags.

8) Jewelry hampers- If the person you need to give a gift to likes bling, these for them! A jewelry hamper contains a necklace, earrings, and maybe even some makeup.

9) Kids’ hamper- This is a great choice for parents who have enough toys at home but still need to find a gift at the last minute. It usually has fun items like kids’ books or clothes.

10) Gourmet hamper- Finally, there’s the gourmet hamper. This one usually contains high quality cheese, wine, and anything else that’s fancy.

There are many other types of hampers you’ll see in Singapore too. Generally, any gift full of chocolate or tea can be called a ‘gift basket’ – the contents make it unique! To get an idea of what your hamper should contain, look around the store. What would be good snacks to accompany wine? Are there any other common ingredients that are paired with tea in Singapore? If you’re putting together a kids’ hamper, browse through children’s books and toys.

As you can see, gift hampers in Singapore can be paired with many different kinds of gifts. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to put inside, this article has got you covered! Now all that’s left is to pick out the perfect hamper.

Bottom line

In short, gift hampers in Singapore are a quick and convenient way to give a gift or reward someone. You can find them in many places, so you’ll never run out of options.


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