Critical Things To Know About The Best Goth Earrings

Earrings are usually considered to be the most important part of gothic fashion. Goths usually wear earrings with their makeup style because it is seen as an excellent additional decoration around the eyes. It also gives them a dark, mystical look. Some goths prefer to wear simple studs or small hoops, but there are many other types of earrings from that goths wear as well.

Black Crosses

Made popular by Christian fundamentalists, these crosses can be turned into gothic earrings simply by replacing the silver with black metal and adding a few dangling chains. This would allow any cross to become a gothic accessory.

Embroidery Hoops

These are hoops made out of wire, which have been stitched around with colorful embroidery thread. They are light-weight and come in  difmanyferent sizes, making them ideal for the best goth earrings and fashion accessories.


Some pins or brooches can be turned into gothic earrings by replacing their pinbacks with fishhooks. These would make a great accessory, and can be attached to nearly any item of clothing.

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A skull is seen as an excellent symbol for the goth scene, so it’s no surprise that many types of skull have been turned into earrings. The most common are sugar skulls, which can be made by covering an embroidery hoop with fabric and adding colorful embellishments to the skull.

Stretching Earrings

This type of earring is usually used for stretching piercings, but it is also a great accessory for goth fashion as well. They are normally made by taking an ear stud and adding a few hoop links to it. The hoops come in many different sizes, so goths can choose the size that suits them best.

Nose Rings/Rings

Nose rings are extremely common in India, but less so in Europe and America. However, gothic fashion has spread throughout the world, making nose rings an ideal choice for goth accessories. They are generally thinner than most earrings, and can be adorned with many different types of decoration.

Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs are circular bands which are worn around the edge of one’s ear, in place of an actual piercing. They are very common in the goth scene, and can be decorated using any of the above ideas. They do not only have to be worn on the ear, either; they can also hang from bracelets or rings for a more ornate look. When having the best goth earrings usually them with ostentatious makeup such as liquid eyeliner and pale foundation.

Gothic fashion has always been an alternative style, even though it is now widely recognized and used by all types of people. Some goths make their own items or buy them from specialist shops; others simply wear commercial accessories such as skull-themed jewelry and nose rings.

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