Dinner Lap Tray: Why Eating Dinner With a Lap Tray Can Be a Good Idea

Is eating in front of the TV one of your guilty pleasures? Well, many of us can relate and actually this is more common than you think. So, you may need to read this in order to know different perspectives surrounding this popular activity. Chances are that when you hear about eating in front of the TV, you think you are losing the opportunity of appreciating what you eat, which can eventually lead to getting more food than you actually need to keep your body running properly. However, this statement can absolutely vary from person to person, as everyone is different and it is not fair to put us all in the same box. 

An alternative paradigm

For many people, the case is that they love to eat while watching a good movie or a youtube video in the evening, because that is their way to relax after a long day at work. Also, there are many people who love to watch videos as a learning activity, not only for entertainment reasons. Now, here is the deal: if you are going to spend time eating pleasantly in front of the TV you must do it in the right way, meaning that you need to take care of your posture. In addition to health reasons, it will be more comfortable and you will avoid any accidents, preventing your food from falling down and keeping your couch clean. This is when an adequate computer lap tray comes to rescue, this is an item that must be present in every household.

Eating mindfully or pleasantly?

The whole idea of eating while watching an enjoyable movie or video is rooted in today’s culture. As long as you keep an eye on the amount and the type of food that you are taking into your mouth, you should rest assured that this activity is not damaging, this is also widely known as mindful eating. However, it can be a very relaxing activity to simply eat the food you put on your plate and enjoy a good show. The reason behind this, can be due to the fact that eating as well as watching videos tend to make our brains feel good.

A matter of culture

In western culture, we love to keep things easy and do not need so much to get in a good mood, especially after a long day of hard work. One reason can be because we tend to think in terms of productivity, so it becomes strange and uncomfortable for us to do one single thing at a time, and we get the feeling of saving time when doing two or more things at once. However, in other cultures, such as Thailand, China and India there are many people who do not mix eating and watching any form of TV. They tend to pay full attention to what they are eating until they are done, staying away from potential distractions. Whatever is the way you choose to eat, make sure you feel good when doing it and you’re nourishing your body correctly.

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