For Sale By Owner Websites in Texas to Sell Your Home!

Home prices in Texas are declining, and the sellers looking for the right time should believe in selling their houses by 2022. However, there’s not enough hypothesis about Texas real estate market condition, as the state has been on a low for the last four years. 

Hence, it’s better for sellers who are waiting for the right opportunity to consider attracting a deal now before the prices hit the lowest of all time. That said, you must be wondering how a house owner looking to sell in Texas survives the market condition without paying a real estate agent’s fee. 

The traditional method that will attract buyers to your request is the FSBO signs. Our research concluded that back in 2001, FSBO signs were the second most common way to find the ideal home. 

Whereas currently, 4% of buyers have found their home with the help of a yard sign/open house sign. As a result, holding FSBO signs help you in the simplest of many ways in a marketing campaign. 

Unsurprisingly, you might be questioning how such FSBO signs can help you get a home buyer. When placed at the right spot near your house area, FSBO signs help people passing by learn your requirements. And people come to you for further inquiry just by seeing an FSBO sign. 

That’s so obvious because if you won’t advertise your necessities, one would never know about it. FSBO signs are nothing but the most straightforward and best-promoting tool while selling a house as an owner. 

How Can You Sell A Home For Sale By Owner?

The real estate market has evolved like every other sector existing in the business world. Selling or buying a house is accessible with just one phone call or computer click. When selling for sale by owner, you can select many alternatives available like low commission real estate agents, flat fee realtors, cash house buyers, companies that buy houses in Texas, and many others. 

However, you’ll have to figure out the best pick that covers your requirements needed while selling a house. The fee a low commission real estate agent charges, the functioning of a flat fee realtor, and other factors. On average, a cheap agent charges 3% on total sales compared to a full-time realtor. 

Whereas a flat fee agent tends to charge a fixed amount, they don’t guarantee the best services. However, if you work with a flat fee MLS listing companies that buy houses in Texas, your selling needs will be fulfilled in less time. Meanwhile, cash house buyers are a perfect match for sellers who need fast cash, dealing with closures, faulty houses, and other conditions. 

We suggest sellers opt for the one-all method by working with companies that buy houses in Texas and save maximum on real estate agent’s commission. The best part about these companies is that they buy houses in any condition located in Texas. 

Companies that buy houses in Texas: Review & Rankings


Houzeo.com stands on the top of companies that buy houses in the Texas ranking. The platform is an FSBO site best known for availing maximum exposure to MLS listings. When buyer’s agents look for properties on MLS, MLS listings through Houzeo.com gives home sellers unparalleled exposure. 

Founded in 2017 by Amit Dhameja, Houzeo is a tech company having access to multiple desired services online. The technology makes FSBO paperwork and listing administration processes fast and efficient. When working with Houzeo.com, sellers are assured of the best combination of maximum savings, no hidden fees, and 5-star customer support and control of transactions. 

How does Houzeo work? 

Houzeo operates on a flat fee system. The offers come in 4 MLS listing packs for an FSBO seller. 

Bronze Package – $299: This is suitable for selling plots or land sellers. Your FSBO listing is federated to Zillow, Trulia, Realtor, Redfin, and many other platforms for maximum exposure.

Wallet – $349: This includes everything FSBO home sellers typically look for and is the most considered Package at Houzeo. 

Gold Package – $399: This is Houzeo’s signature MLS package that includes all of Houzeo’s renowned technologies, such as Houzeo Showings, Houzeo Offers, and DigiTransact.

Platinum – $999+: It has the benefit of a licensed broker to help sellers negotiate, disclose and close. 

As an FSBO seller, your main aim is to get what you deserve, and working with Houzeo can help you achieve your needs. Specifically, we recommend Houzeo’s Gold Plan to most sellers as it includes all the premium features. 


Since 1997, FSBO.com has been connecting buyers and sellers by giving them the most accessible and affordable way to sell or buy homes online, saving them hundreds of dollars in the process.

How does FSBO.com work?

FSBO.com works on two service packages: one for $99.95 and the other for $399.95.

FSBO Package- $99.95: Includes 6-month availability on FSBO.com and Redfin listings. Permit to upload unlimited photos and just one video, 24/7, to edit or cancel listings at any time. At the same time, yard signs and supplies are sold separately from the “For Sale” label.

MLS Package – $399.95: MLS & FSBO.com listings are available for six months with Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia & more. Additional services such as CSS display services, electronic lockbox rentals, maximum photos in MLS, and yard signs are available for a fee.

However, what you see is not always accurate as FSBO.com charges additional fees of $335 for la carte items. If you want to use the CSS display service and the lockbox rental service, sellers must pay $75 and $150, respectively. 

Besides, to add the top photo to your FSBO listing or get a yard sign, the charges are $50 and $60, respectively. We won’t recommend sellers to sell their house to FSBO.com when a company like Houzeo.com provides better service at a low cost. 

Beycome Real Estate

Beycome is a licensed flat fee online brokerage named ‘Beycome Brokerage Realty LLC.’ The company offers virtual full-service real estate agent services. The platform is one of the low-cost and pro-good features platforms. Beycome Real Estate levels Houzeo in terms of services and customer support.

How does Beycome Real Estate work? 

The company offers three Flat Fee MLS listing packages of $99, $399, and $599 + 1% Commission, respectively. 

Basic Package – $99: This plan allows sellers to upload full photos on the MLS and make unlimited changes to the listing. Moreover, sellers get free legal forms and disclosures, a free open house scheduler, and a tool to manage home visits. However, the platform charges a $25 cancellation fee under the same plan. 

Enhanced Package – $399: Under this plan, sellers get access to all features of the Basic Package. At the same time, the enhanced Package avails seller’s tools like a yard sign, a featured listing on Beycome’s website, flyers, brochures, one key lockbox, and an option to add a virtual tour video to your listing.

Concierge Service – $599 + 1% Commission: This Package includes the most suited professional assistance until closing. For professional help, the platform charges 1% of the sale price at closing.

Beycome is a credible platform with reasonable pricing, high-tech assistance, and the best customer support. Note: Beycome Real Estate is not a For Sale By Owner website; it is a flat fee brokerage.

Final Words

The real estate market is dense, and some companies look to take advantage of it by pretending to be companies that buy houses in Texas, providing “free resources.” Never fall for the “free resources” trap, as you might pay huge fees and commissions when closing deals with such companies. Hence to help you save from scammers and their hefty commissions, we’ve listed suitable companies that buy houses in Texas. 


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