How Can I Calculate the Volatility of a Slot Machine?

Slot machines are one of the most prominent features of online casinos. It has created a room where virtually anyone can place a bet and make profitable winnings without having the skills or experience. This is one of the things that gives online slots an edge over other casino games –

That’s not all. Other perks like mobile slots, multiple pay line slots, slot multipliers, progressive slots and mega slots, give the players lots of winning opportunities.

Besides the fun and intrigue, one important aspect of slot machines that every casino player needs to understand is its volatility.

Meaning of Slot Machine Volatility

In the gambling world, the term “volatility” is a measure of the risk of losing a bet. It depicts the probability of losing or winning a game.

A slot machine’s volatility could be any of the following:

  •         Low volatility
  •         Medium volatility
  •         High volatility

Low Volatility Slot Machines

Low volatility entails that the players will get higher chances of winning than losing. However, they can only win small jackpots of around 250 to 500 times their bet size.

Low volatility slot machines do not come with the high and exciting adrenaline rush of high volatility slot. However, despite this, players can rest assured that they’d get regular wins and payouts.

Other pecks of low volatility slot machines include longer playtime, lesser losses and easier bankroll management. The ultimate downside, however, are that you can’t get rich from playing low volatility slots because the jackpots are really small.

Medium volatility slot machines

Medium volatility slot machines belong somewhere between high volatility and low volatility slot machines. The games are quite tough to play, but the payout is often impressive.

Medium volatility slots also offer a higher number of bonuses than low volatility slots and they’re ideal for people who want a mix of excitement and decent payouts.

High Volatility Slot Machines

If you want to become a millionaire from playing online slot games, then playing high volatility slot machines is your best bet. Just as the name implies, high volatility slots involve high risks, and with them come high rewards.

These slots are best for players with a huge bankroll, who are patient to chase the jackpot. Players can win as high as 10,000 times their wager. 

How to find out the Volatility of a Slot Machine

Many people can’t afford to play high volatility slots. Many others get bored at playing low volatility slots, so they prefer to stick to medium variance slot games. However, because many casino companies don’t clearly state their slot machine’s volatility, so you’d have to figure it out yourself. 

Here is an easy way to do it.

Play the Game

You may need to play several rounds and spins of a slot game before you can ascertain its volatility. So, it is advisable to use the free version of the game to check the volatility. This is ideal because every slot’s variance remains the same whether you’re playing the free or paid version. 

Find out the RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage of a slot will also give you an insight into its volatility level. Slot games with high RTP often allows for increased winning chances, which is typical of low volatility slot. The ones with lower RTP typically have a higher volatility.

Check the Number of Bonuses Offered

Regular bonus features are typical of low volatility slots. If you slot game features a bonus round after every 50 or 100 spins, it is expected that the pay out would be small. Conversely, slot machines that only give bonuses once in every 20,000 spins will be expected to pay higher rewards.


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