How to choose a thesis topic

The process of writing a thesis begins with the choice of the research topic. The student can choose it from the list offered by the department or develop it independently.

There is a category of people for whom the diploma project is an opportunity to show all their skills and knowledge, which for several years diligently studied and consciously wanted to achieve high results. They know that a diploma is evidence of the level of their competence as a specialist. And for such students, the choice of the theme of the thesis is a very important issue.

The best way to develop a topic is to continue the one that the student has worked on during previous years of study. That is, if the diploma project is a continuation of the course, you can just slightly change the existing name and work in the same direction as before. The logical conclusion of the process of scientific research: writing essays, articles, reports for conferences, etc., is to combine all the material developed into one whole. But if during all the academic years the student wrote works on various topics, then he needs to choose the field that he likes best and in which he is better acquainted.

In any case, the topic of the thesis should be:

  1. Interesting – first of all to the author, so that the process of writing work does not turn into forced labor.
  2. Directly related to the future profession – working on a diploma project, some students have the opportunity to prepare for work at the same time. In addition, a person with the qualification of a specialist gets a better-paid job.
  3. Sufficiently developed – only such work is highly appreciated. And for this purpose, it is necessary to process a large number of literary sources, to choose correctly necessary fragments, and based on their analysis to draw own conclusions. The more specific, accurate, and relevant information contains the thesis, the more complete and high quality. The student may not know everything in the field which the problem he is researching, so to reveal the topic he needs to use the opinions of reputable scholars.

Choosing a topic on their own, the student shouldn’t dive into complex and incomprehensible concepts, otherwise, he risks failing the whole project. Moreover, then it is almost impossible to change the subject. Keep in mind that choosing the right topic is the first step to success. and man is successful in what he is well aware of.

How to make a thesis plan

Very often the reason for lowering the grade for the thesis is an undisclosed topic or insufficiently disclosed. How to avoid such a finale? The correct structuring of the thesis depends on how well-drawn its plan is. It does not matter how it is performed: independently or to order, in any case, the author is forced to apply to the plan., So it must be made correctly.

The thesis is a text with a complex structure: introduction, main parts, conclusions, bibliography, and appendices. And it is by this structure that a plan must be drawn up. The logic of raising the material should go from general to specific: first – theory, the – analysis of a specific problem related to theoretical positions, and finally – identify ways to solve problems to achieve the goals of the work.

Usually, the student makes a plan for his thesis together with the supervisor. As soon as he receives the topic, he should immediately approach the teacher and ask him to help make a plan (content). This should be done as early as possible, while the supervisor has free time and has not loaded himself by checking the draft materials of theses of other students. If the teacher is too busy and refuses to help in this matter, the student must make a plan and give it to him for approval. It happens that the teacher does not have time at all and advises the student to start working on writing or search for help with writing a paper. How to be? In this case, you do not need to lose heart but work. The student can take several textbooks where there is information related to his topic (usually a separate section consisting of several paragraphs), compare the views of different authors, analyze all the points and make a whole, such as “Contents”. in which you can fit all the information. You can do nothing, just take the scheme of explanation of the topic that you like the most, and on its basis start work on a thesis project.

The student must remember that all the structural parts of scientific work are independent on the one hand, and interconnected on the other. They must precede each other, be a continuation of the previous one, etc. This condition is especially important in writing the main part, where sections and paragraphs should follow each other logically, consistently reveal the topic of the work, and be combined at the beginning of the “Introduction” and the end of the “Conclusions”.

Also, the author should know that the wording of the names of the structural parts of the main sections of the work should be worked as flexibly as possible. The title of the topic should be used in different variants, but none of the titles of sections and paragraphs should be repeated literally, it can confuse the reader and significantly reduce the assessment.

So, when working on a thesis plan, you need to keep in mind the following things:

  1. In the process of developing a plan you need to start from the formulation of the topic.
  2. In the titles of paragraphs and sections it is necessary to use words from the title of the topic.
  3. The names of sections and paragraphs should not be repeated.
  4. Formulating the structural parts of scientific work should be guided by the principle: from general to specific. This also applies to the logic of the presentation of the material. The names of the structural parts should gradually reveal aspects of the study.

These simple rules will help to cope with such a difficult task as drawing up a thesis plan. The main thing is not to forget about them and use them correctly.


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