Interesting Facts about Diamonds in Texas

Diamond is loved by many that’ which is why the demands are continuously increasing. As a buyer knowing more about diamonds can give you more idea of why they are pricey and their real value. Wholesale diamonds in Texas can be a good option if you are planning to buy diamonds since they are more affordable and yet of high quality. Be knowledgeable about diamonds before making your purchase to get the best quality. 

Facts to know about Diamonds

Diamonds are the earth’s hardest natural substance

In the Mohs scale, the diamonds rank 10, the Mohs scale is a system used to measure the hardest of a gem or mineral stone. 10 is the highest rank and diamond has reached it that’s why they are durable and hard to break, the only thing that can break it is the diamond itself. The hardness of the diamond contributes to its value and price. They are sturdy which is why they can last long and some diamonds are even passed on from one generation to another.

Diamonds form approximately 100 miles under the earth and are carried to the surface by volcanic activity.

The manner of formation for diamonds takes billions of years and happens 100 miles under the earth then they are carried to the earth’s surface where they are mined. In this manner, diamonds are valued high and sold at high prices since they are hard to produce and the time needed for them to form is indeed priceless.   

Diamonds are the only gems made of one element

The lament that composes diamonds is carbon. They are made of carbon 99.95% of the 0.05 percent remaining are from trace elements that may influence the shape and color of diamonds. They are formed under high pressure and temperature until the carbon would eventually turns into diamonds. 

Diamonds are found in every color on the rainbow

Most diamonds that people see are colorless ones however diamonds actually come in all colors of the rainbow plus black and gray diamonds have been discovered too. The natural-colored diamonds are actually rare and pricey, they are one in a million and they are even put in an auction for people to be able to have them. 

The word diamond comes from the Greek word “Adamas.” It means invincible or indestructible.

The term diamond originated from the Greek word “Adamas” which means indestructible. Diamonds are known as the hardest substance on earth and they are indeed hard to break or chip however this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to take care of them once we possess one. Diamonds when exposed to some chemicals can get damaged or affects their appearance or other features. 

Many ancient cultures had beliefs about diamonds

Diamonds before are believed to ward off evil spirits that’s where they started wearing them until came to the tome that they are considered accessories and now they come in many forms of jewelry. The ancient people also believe that diamonds are lucky charms and that’s why rich people keep them for this purpose. 

In the Middle Ages, many believed diamonds had healing properties.

Apart from the belief of diamonds about giving luck and warding off evil spirits, diamonds are believed to have healing properties. The middle ages believe that placing a diamond on part of your body can cure any illness. 

Advantages of knowing the facts about diamonds 

Be familiar with the history of diamonds 

Knowing about the history of the diamond can help you understand more about the stone you will be using in your jewelry. Wearing diamonds can be more sentimental if you know the facts about them. 

Know your diamond’s worth 

Every diamond has its value depending on several factors such as origin, color, clarity, color, cut, carat, shapes, and other factors. You can understand how diamonds are priced and valued if you get familiar with their details. 

Help you decide what diamond is best for you

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes and choosing one can be challenging. Nor that you have knowledge about diamonds then you can choose better and understand what matches you when it comes to picking a diamond you can wear. Be a wise buyer by knowing more about diamonds before buying one. 


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