Is WordPress Good for E-commerce Platforms?

How effective WordPress could be for e-commerce platforms depends on your business and your needs, where some companies find WordPress an excellent solution for selling their products online. Some don’t see it as an ideal solution as it falls short of their expectations and requirements.

Though hiring an expert web designer can help you find the right way of utilizing WordPress. You need to be aware of its pros and cons before building your site on it. And this article will help you do so.

However, if you plan to use WordPress, make sure you hire an expert like Adelaide web designer for help.

Pros of Using WordPress

Using WordPress for your e-commerce platforms can bring a lot of benefits. Some of them are as follows:


  • Plugins to Add Functionality

The keystone of building sites using WordPress is its plugins. Plugins help you create a site that offers all the functionality you would need for your e-commerce platform. WordPress provides an enormous amount of plugins meant for e-commerce to help you sell products on your site.

Among all the plugins that WordPress offers, WooCommerce is the most popular and preferred one. It not only helps you create an eye-catchy storefront but also calculates sales tax with ease, sets your shipping options, and many more.

  • Dozens of Template Options to Use From

One of the most significant benefits of using WordPress is that it offers dozens of template options for building your site. Its sheer number of templates can help you make a site that represents your brand’s unique style.

With over 8000 themes to choose from and over 1200 focused e-commerce templates, you can build the site of your dreams. You can even make a custom site using them that fits your e-commerce needs.

However, if you don’t know how to build a site, it is better to hire an expert like Adelaide web designer. Since these themes are very responsive, their optimum utilization with the help of a web designer can do wonders.

  • Friendly SEO

As an e-commerce platform having organic traffic is a must to generate sales. This is why SEO is more important for e-commerce platforms. And using WordPress for creating websites can help you craft a site that is SEO friendly.

Implementing plugins like Yoast SEO that WordPress offers can help you rank high on search result pages, driving qualified prospects to your page.

Cons of Using WordPress

It is a universal rule that things providing benefits have their disadvantages, too, so does WordPress. Some of them are listed below.

  • Not Built Explicitly for Ecommerce Platforms

WordPress plugins can help you build an e-commerce friendly website, but it is not an e-commerce site builder.

WordPress isn’t e-commerce focused hence it misses out on certain crucial features one would need for their e-commerce store. So, using WordPress for crafting an e-commerce site can be tricky.

  • Using Multiple Plugins can Backfire

While using WordPress for crafting your site, you need to make sure that the plugins you are using are compatible. This is because some of the plugins that WordPress offers don’t go with one another.

Since the work can be hectic, hiring a web designer to help you do so is advisable.


How helpful WordPress can be for your e-commerce platform depends on your business’s type and need. But, reaching out to experts like Adelaide web designers can guarantee half of your win.


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