Led display walls, why are they so useful?

Going around shopping malls, during concerts but also integrated in your cities or present on the side-lines in stadiums during sporting events: the presence of led display walls is now almost impossible not to notice. As well as their importance due to the effect they generate in the public.

Not only visual repeaters to answer the possible FAQ of citizenship about a certain well-known place, and therefore adopted for an informative purpose. A led display wall also allow greater interaction with the surrounding environment. And, in the case of sporting or musical events, they offer a level of entertainment and involvement never thought of before.

What are led display walls?

The led wall is a maxi screen with led technology, composed of several modules – the well-known bricks – capable of reproducing static images or all video formats as if it were the monitor of a large format PC.

Led walls are divided into two types: one for indoor use, such as for stores and home, one for outdoor, used above all in the field of visual communication, advertising of commercial activities or for the dissemination of useful information addressed to the society.

Indoor and Outdoor led walls

Outdoor led walls – We are talking about special lighting devices that are spreading more and more in cities as an innovative and technological means of dynamic communication. They are formed by three-color LEDs, the so-called RGB, able to reproduce any type of static or moving image.

Indoor led walls – The greatest use regarding the presence of these screens refers to events that take place in closed spaces: from cinemas to theatres passing inside galleries and shopping centres. But their reinterpretation in an artistic key is allowing indoor led walls to be present even in villas and very large living spaces for a technological and visual modernization with an eye to design.

The importance of Indoor and Outdoor led walls

The peculiarity of outdoor led walls is that they are visible and functioning, in any exposure and climatic condition, even in the case of the most hostile ones. The images reproduced can be seen both during the day, even with the presence of strong direct sunlight, and at night, without having to dazzle.

Thanks to their flexibility they can reach large dimensions and cover entire buildings to cover a previously degraded façade; be integrated into a scaffolding, to remind the public that despite the work in progress, the trusted store is still there, ready to welcome; or even installed on poles, to provide information to citizens, such as the times of passage of buses in a given area.

They are visible both at great distances, thanks to their size, but also at very close distances thanks in this case to the pitch, or the distance of the pixels that can now be 2.6 mm. No pixels are visible at less than 3 meters. These features make LED walls adaptable to any type of use: from advertising to entertainment, from communication to information, revolutionizing considerably the world of media and everything that surrounds us.


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