Mirrors For Closets, Armoires, & Doors

Custom mirrors can elevate the aesthetics of any room. You can install them above bathroom vanities, entrances, interior doors, armoires, and table covers. Mirrored walls and bathroom enclosures are also trendy. If you’re considering custom mirrors for closets, armoires, and doors, choose professionals who can provide premium glass and mirror services. You’ll encounter various designs and highlights that match your rooms and décor.

Different Mirror Designs for Your Closet & Armoire

Closets and armoires look much better with a mirror in the frail. You can fit a mirror into any closet or armoire. Mirrors are functional and aesthetic and come in many designs. You can choose between antique mirrors or modern designs. The size, shape, edges, and frame are also fully customizable. Leading glass and mirror companies can also help you add text logos and other design elements. The two types of mirrors are framed and frameless.

Framed mirrors can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your closet whenever you open them. Frames offer more space to add personal elements, including different patterns, materials, and finishes. You can also go with frameless mirrors to create a timeless, seamless view that blends in with everything else. Design options are endless, so glass and mirror installers offer standard cuts and encourage custom orders. Here are some popular designs:

Sliding Mirror Closet Door

If you have a large closet, you can choose the sliding door design to eliminate the need for clearance. Choosing glass for the sliding panel creates an even better appeal. The sliding mirror closet door design features mirrors for doors. Mirrored closet doors are stylish and save space since they are part of the furniture’s design. The doors come in custom designs and hardware, so you can personalize the closet. Glass is also timeless and can match different interior designs.

Armoire Mirror on One Side

Sliding mirrors may not be practical for a smaller armoire. If you own a classic armoire or closet door without a mirror, you can add one on one side. Placing the mirror on one side of the door enhances the aesthetics of the closet while complementing the look and feel of your bedroom. You can choose from a large selection of styles, glass options, and frame finishes. The glass also comes in custom sizes and shapes, so you can find the perfect mirror for your armoire.

Bifold Closet Door Mirrors

If you have classic closets with two hinged bifold doors, you can add a mirror on both doors. The design allows you to work with different shapes, including squares and rectangles. Oval-shaped mirrors can also amplify the aesthetics of any standard closet. The mirrors add depth of view and reduce the cleaning and maintenance requirements. Glass also complements other structures and design elements, so you don’t need to change anything to create a uniform look.

Interior & Exterior Door Mirrors

Adding a mirror on your interior and exterior doors is one way to integrate more glass into your home. You can feature a mirror on the outside, inside, or on both sides. Some glass door panes offer mirrors on both sides. Others are thin pieces customized for either side. You can find glass and mirror services for sliding, pivot, stacked, hinged, and bifold doors. If you have a flat surface, you can use clear mirrors and tinted glass to create a unique effect.

Mirror glass strips add a beautiful, modern feel to your doors. You can also choose unique materials like bronze or go for vertical acrylic strips to create an illusion of heightened space. Other options include beveled mirrors, angled edges, and layering clear with tinted mirrors. You can create classic or modern appeal, custom edgework, and add beveled or flat polish for your frameless designs. Consider custom sandblasting, artwork, tints, and stamping.

Dependable Glass and Mirror Services

Mirrors for closets, armoires, and doors come in various standard designs that work for most fixtures. You can also order custom styles, materials, and finishes. Adding mirrors to your closets, armoires, and doors will improve space aesthetics and functionality. Stick to reputable companies that can provide premium quality glass and materials.

Choosing the best glass and mirror services will allow you to customize the design outcome. Whether you fancy standard safety-backed mirrors or luxury bronze and gold, find a local glass and mirror shop with a robust portfolio of similar, successful projects. You can review the gallery to check past installations and determine if you like the quality and designs.

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