NoBroker Paint Expert Reveal Best Tips About Kitchen Paint Colours

The heart and soul of a home is the kitchen itself. A kitchen is where all the daily activities and gatherings occur. After spending a lot of time in the kitchen, it is obvious to overlook the decor that was first decorated tastefully. Your kitchen might start to look a bit worn out. It’s high time to give your kitchen a little makeover. The best way to renovate your kitchen is to paint it in different colours that will provide a soothing effect to your soul. As an experienced Wall Painter in Bangalore I often get asked about kitchen painting tips and ideas. I finally got time to blog my ideas, which I hope will be useful to everyone reading this!

Different Types Of Interior Wall Paint

It is essential to clean your kitchen walls before applying any paint because of the stains it might have due to cooking or any other thing. Before choosing any paint, you should make sure that the paint is grease and moisture-resistant so that it would be easier to clean without causing any damage to the paint. Some of the best interior wall paint for the kitchen are mentioned below:

Water-based or Latex:- These paints dry quickly, and it is advised to apply two coats of paint. This paint has a low odour and is mould resistant. 

Oil-based:- This paint can be used near the sink and other wet areas in the kitchen. The oil-based paints are highly durable and give a shiny effect to the kitchen. While applying the oil-based paint, wear a paint respirator for safe application.

Satin:- This is the most popular interior wall paint ever. Satin paints minimise imperfections and unwanted textures and are easy to clean.

Shellac:- This paint is easy to apply and provides the best durability. It also blocks any stains and is perfect for highly stacked kitchens.

Kitchen Colour Tips Ideas

Choosing paint for your kitchen can be challenging as there are many shades, and colours to choose from. Below are some of the kitchen paint colour ideas to begin with:-

Choosing Warm Colours: Some colours such as white, grey, blue, etc. help create a warm and welcoming space. These colours help increase the appetite and are the best choice for kitchen paint colour ideas.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colours:- The kitchen cabinet paint colours differ from person to person. Some might choose classic white to be on the safe side; some might choose wood cabinets that would give your kitchen a fresh look. 

But if you are thinking of painting the kitchen cabinet, you should consider painting the top with a light colour and the bottom with a deeper colour or vice versa.

Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets In 2022

One of the essential parts of the kitchen is the cabinets. So choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets is an important task. Some of the best kitchen cabinet paints to buy in 2022 are mentioned below:

Best Overall Waterborne Alkyd Cabinet Paint:- Benjamin Moore Advance

This paint is one of the best kitchen cabinet paints as it is easy to apply and is very smooth. The paint additionally cures a tough, furniture-grade finish that can stand up to the most functional kitchens.

Best Value Waterborne Alkyd Cabinet Paint-: Semi-Gloss Enamel Paint

This paint provides excellent flow and does not leave any brush marks on your cabinets. After drying, the enamel paint will leave a durable and subtle finish.

Best Overall Latex Cabinet Paint: Satin Resistance Paint

This paint delivers surprising results and has high-quality stain resistance. While other cheap paints might need a double or triple coat, this particular paint will deliver a quality finish in a single coat. 


The above tips contain information on adding character to your house with the right kitchen paint colours. Choosing the right colour and paint requires the study of your kitchen texture and size, after which you will have an enhanced kitchen which will soothe your soul and eyes. Remember, if you need a trusted wall painter in Bangalore, you can always book a free consultation by visiting NoBroker.in. 


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