Searching For an Accountant in Hungary?

FIRMAX Group is one of the most prominent outsourcing providers as an accountant in Hungary and offers the following services:

1. Accounting

The financial experts of FIRMAX Hungary will ensure that your financial affairs are monitored according to Hungarian and international standards. Their expert assistance will ensure a proper balance between your business’s legal regulations and requirements.

Accounting services include:

  • Bookkeeping on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis
  • Bookkeeper and accountant consultations
  • General Ledger and Budget analysis
  • Financial statements period analysis
  • Summary of accounting and taxation processes
  • Trading and closing of the financial period
  • Review of the current result as well as budget
  • Financial statements’ implementation

2. Payroll

The payroll section is responsible for analyzing and preparing individual and collective payrolls. Businesses that outsource their payroll duties to us will receive not only the same level or even better service, but they will also take advantage of the fact that we can cope with the most complex tasks swiftly and reliably.

Payroll services include:

  • Payroll, filing, and general information
  • Tax calculation
  • Payroll and payroll management processes’ maintenance
  • Compliance with the current regulation

3. Value-Added Tax

Their specialized staff will be happy to help you cooperate with the Tax Authority in a way that you can save valuable time and receive fast service. The value-added tax department experts will also help you with legal and financial analysis. For this, they will be looking into your company’s legal requirements and the Hungarian tax regulations.

Value Added Tax (VAT) services include:

  • VAT calculation and filing
  • Documentation for VAT returns processing
  • VAT documentation maintenance

4. Auditing

In Hungary and the neighboring countries, there is a very high demand for our auditing services. The law requires that external auditors audit some organizations. Their experts will gladly deal with your accounting requests regarding external audits. Their experience in the area of auditing and consulting greatly helps them to prepare the right set of materials so that their clients are satisfied with their work. Certain forms are also ready based on our auditing work. The following are some of the tasks the auditors perform:

  • Audit of financial and accounting records
  • Preparation of financial analyses and reports

In Hungary, small startup businesses have an advantage as startups have no special accounting requirements. Their services in this field help business owners to handle accounting and financial data more efficiently.


An accountant in Hungary is a professional experienced in bookkeeping and payroll services and helps clients organize their businesses per government regulations. Firmax Hungary will help you to achieve your accounting and financial goals by providing the best in class qualified audit, payroll and bookkeeping services under one roof. Their approach, extensive experience, and professional job execution will make you feel at ease with their services.


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