SEO for Plumbers: 7 Tactics to Quickly Boost Your Digital Presence

Given that plumbing businesses can only serve a specific area, the number of first-time and returning customers can be limited, especially if there is a lot of competition. You need to have an edge over the other plumbers to bring in a lot of business.

By using key strategies to improve your plumbing business’ digital presence, you can get more leads and keep your hard-earned plumbing money from going down the drain. To make it easy for people to find your plumbing business online, you can always employ SEO or search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Through SEO, your webpages can rank higher in online search results, increasing the number of people who see your website. Here are 7 tactics you can use to boost your digital presence with the help of SEO.

Why Should a Plumber’s Business Use SEO?

The main goal of a plumber is to get more calls for service. Without calls, your business won’t grow, and you won’t have a chance to become the person people call when they search for keywords like septic repair in Caledon.

Service calls are the lifeblood of small businesses like Tom Day Plumbing. Before the Internet,  putting ads in newspapers or on the radio helped get a lot of possible leads. Since then, the medium has moved online to places like social media and significant search engines, such as Google. But the idea stays the same: the only way to get new customers and increase ROI is to get your name out there.

If you want potential customers to call your business for service, you should be the one who should look for them. SEO is one of the most important ways to find customers where they look for plumbing services.

With SEO in place, customers will no longer have to browse through yellow pages or the newspaper to find out who can help them should they need plumbing assistance. Nowadays, most people use Google right away to find what they need. And if you have already applied excellent SEO strategies, your website will be in the high ranks of Google’s search results. If this is the case, people will most likely choose you over the dozens of websites below you. So this means that for you to move up in the rankings, you need to work on your SEO constantly.

 7 Tactics to Quickly Boost Your Digital Presence Using SEO

  1. Determine how competitive your website is.

Would you go into a stranger’s house and start fixing things without knowing anything about the individual or the situation?

You know from experience as a plumbing service provider that you won’t have a good idea of what needs to be fixed or improved if you don’t first carefully look at and diagnose a problem.

You can do the same for your website. First, you must conduct an SEO audit on your website and a Search Engine Results Page or SERP check on your competitors.

  1. Design an effective keyword framework.

Before going through the technical side of SEO, it is crucial to understand the mind of your ideal client. This analysis helps you determine the possible words and phrases they might use to look for plumbers in your area.

These words and phrases are called keywords, and these words will help you compete in your particular market space.

  1. Optimize your website to enhance user experience.

Optimize your website so that it will be visible, safe, and fast so that prospective clients will have a smooth experience possible whenever prospective clients visit your website. You can do this by hiring a professional web designer in Toronto.

Regarding how fast your website loads, your pages should load in 2 to 3 seconds. That number might seem high, but if your site takes longer than that to load, your bounce rate will go through the roof.

Another aspect you should consider is optimizing your website to be mobile view friendly. Most people nowadays use their phones to browse the internet. If you want your website to be presentable on whatever device they use to browse your website, make sure it is mobile-friendly.

  1. Generate new, interesting, and useful content.

Since plumbing is a type of home improvement, you can publish content that makes a massive difference in the daily lives of your website visitors. Doing these things can build your credibility while making your brand known. As a result, you will get new leads and returning clients.

Also, it would help if you were consistent with the content you make and post content as regularly as possible so Google’s crawlers will have something to work with.

  1. Utilize suitable social media platforms possible.

Many plumbing businesses like to engage with clients through social media, so why not make the most out of other social media platforms suitable for your business?

Social media is a great way to share videos and other content related to plumbing. And if you are active on social media, this will open up more opportunities to reach a wider audience.

If you choose the right social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube, you can connect with your clients and cross-promote content. People can also share your content, which can help you get leads.

  1. Trust in the power of backlinks.

Backlinks, which are a part of off-site SEO, give your plumbing business more credibility. Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to yours, provides your plumbing business credibility, and can help you grow your online presence.

This tactic involves listing your company’s business profile on directory or review sites like Yelp or Yellow Pages so that people can find your plumbing business through search engine rankings.

  1. Constantly improving and fine-tuning your SEO

If there’s one thing that never changes with SEO, it is that SEO is constantly changing for plumbers and everyone else.

Unlike a TV ad campaign or a billboard, you can make changes right away, in real-time, based on what’s working and what’s not.

By looking at your SEO metrics, we’ll find out what your target clients respond to. And you can make changes to your SEO campaign based on that information.

If your website doesn’t use SEO best practices right now, it’s never too late to start as SEO strategies can always help you move up in the search results. Using the 7 tactics listed above, you will eventually boost your digital presence in the best way possible.


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