Simple Strategy to start an e-commerce business online

There was a time when the website needed to be hard-coded, so opening an e-commerce store required a lot of time and resources. Nowadays, anyone with an idea, laptop and supply chain can do their business online within a few hours (even if not a few minutes) by launching an e-commerce business.

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Success in this business is another matter, but if you think it was challenging to start an e-commerce business in 2020, we are here to tell you that if you don’t know how to plan and implement a successful strategy, this is not the case. Therefore, starting a business still needs to take some necessary steps and avoid some mistakes to ensure your entrepreneurial positioning. These are the four steps you must take to create your own e-commerce business and set it up successfully.

Four steps to developing an e-commerce business:

  1. Determine your niche and business model
  2. Get business/domain name
  3. Create a logo and style guide
  4. Choose a sales platform

If you need semi-technical help purchasing a domain name and then creating an e-commerce website, I have written a handy guide that uses many screenshots to guide you step by step through the website production process, quickly urging you through the operation.

1. Determine your niche and model                

This is the most challenging but essential part of starting an e-commerce business. This can be not easy because you may choose many product segments and business models. For example, you can try shooting in a mature niche market with both demand and a lot of competition. Or, you can choose a niche market with less competition.

The key to success is to solve consumer problems because consumers buy solutions rather than products. Besides, it would help if you had a hook. You provide some content that other providers cannot offer. When Zappos started selling shoes online, their curves showed free returns and even paid for two shipping methods to eliminate any risk of buying shoes online. Moreover, we know what happened. Therefore, the most critical step in choosing a niche market is first to measure consumer interest.

As for your business model, you can also choose. You can sell products on your website and keep all the profits, or you can sell through eBay or other platforms, You can also easily find out your margins using apps like

You can also choose between different stocking methods. A popular option is direct shipping, that is, selling products together with suppliers who send orders directly to your customers. All you need is pictures, a website and a payment method. By saving on transportation, inventory and storage costs, you can save money. Other options include selling private label products or selling products you produce. Increasingly popular options include buying products in bulk from China and then selling them in your online store or through markups on sales platforms.

One way to discover sales options is to use keyword tools (such as Google’s Keyword Planner, trending tools). It would help if you also searched for the keywords you find to see how many competitors appear. Then, you can use tools like websites to analyze your competition further.

After you find a niche market that suits your chances of success, start investigating business factors contributing to success, Business days is Saturday a business day , such as profit and logistics. You might even think that something like Amazon FBA is a better choice.

2. Get company and domain name

Now, it’s time to authorize your company and give it a name officially. You have also purchased a domain name that reflects your business. Registering a domain name is very simple and only takes a few minutes. It is also very cheap.

The price of registering a domain name with companies such as Namecheap is less than $10, while the cost of GoDaddy’s registration depends on the perspective value of the domain name. For example, the price of .coms is higher than that of .nets. Although you get a particular attraction on Google, and if you pay for several years in advance, you get a specific interest on Google and display better in search results, so you also need to pay More cost to register the domain name. You will find many coupon codes everywhere, so if you spend some time looking for it, you can buy a domain name for less.

Please note that each domain name can only be used by one person/company, so please prepare a few options to make sure you find one available. Then buy all the variants so that you have .com, .org, .net, etc. The last thing to do is to spend time and money to build a website, just let others absorb a portion of your traffic and gain competitors when the user makes a mistake. All variants must point to your primary domain.

The process involved in registering your company name varies by geographic location, so please check your local laws.

3. Choose a logo and color scheme

Before you start building a website, you need to start building your brand image. This begins with the logo and color scheme and other brand elements (such as packaging, labels, and layout). You want a logo that best suits your industry, and regardless of its format (including black and white), it should look good.

If you are starting and have a limited budget, know that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars hiring a professional designer. There are many easy-to-use tools on the market that allow you to create excellent logos in minutes.

4. Choose a platform

If you have the courage and have some web coding foundation, you can always build your website on a platform like Magneto. These platforms allow you to create a website on your server and provide more control. This also means that you are responsible for hosting and security.

A CMS (or content management system) like WordPress supports this site and most other sites on the web, eliminating any need to learn to code. Plugins help increase functionality, including adding drag and drop functionality to your website design.

Essential plugins required to start an e-commerce business can set up a shopping cart, display products, and integrate payment methods.


Now that everything is ready, you can start your advertising business and attract customers. The only way to make progress in this business is to learn and not fall in your face from time to time, so don’t hesitate.


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