Software testing: what is it and why is it needed?

Testing programs involves checking the actually developed solution for compliance with the set terms of reference. In simple terms, testing is necessary in order to check the program for system errors, bugs, defects and issue appropriate recommendations to the development team.

Today, there are a large number of testing methodologies. They all have a very similar goal, but a completely different approach and range of tools. As a basis for testing, it can be used as a simple question about convenience, as well as a set of questions aimed at various niches of the project. Based on the complexity of the task, the budget and software features, the owner chooses a methodology, plans testing and selects the optimal technical solution. There are also companies that offer professional devops testing services.

Who is doing the testing?

Testing does not imply knowledge of programming, it is more a question for a marketer and front-end developer. At the same time, the results of testing are needed for programmers. In this regard, it is important to involve the appropriate personnel in the preparation to accurately set the goal of testing.

Often, testing involves a complex and multi-level process, which will require a working group and a leader to ensure. In large-scale projects, the stakes are high, which creates many precedents for unreasonable risks. If your team does not have suitable testing experience, you can hire a team in URL outsourcing format and conduct tests using modern online solutions.

Why is testing so important?

Today’s conditions of fierce competition do not tolerate defective products at all. As practice shows, the user in most cases does not return to the site if it takes a long time to load or gives system errors. Mistakes are costly to site owners, especially if they come into contact with security. If there are difficulties with the processing of personal data, the company risks not only losing loyalty to the new product, but also incurring negative attitudes towards the brand as a whole.

Maintaining the stability of the site requires an organized and integrated approach. Testing allows you to identify errors in the early stages, which greatly reduces the cost and simplifies the editing process. Developers identify a specific set of tasks for which testing is applied:

  •       Quality. Testing allows you to check the software for errors. In high-quality solutions, systemic errors are not allowed in principle.
  • Profitability. If errors are found at the first stages, revision is much cheaper than releasing a product with defects. Even simple timely testing will insure the project against unexpected troubles.
  •       Security. Perhaps the most important task of testing. Payment systems, modules for processing personal data should be checked regularly. Any leakage or unauthorized access to personal information can be a disaster for owners.
  • Compatibility. In an era dominated by mobile devices, it is especially important to ensure that the program is compatible with various operating systems, monitor sizes and hardware features. If a decade ago it was enough to develop an application for a PC and several types of phones, today developers are tasked with maximum compatibility, including tablets, iPhones, laptops, netbooks, and so on. In this concept, a voluminous set of works on testing the program on various mobile devices appears.

In addition to hardware compatibility, the software product must comply with the requirements of the browser. What works well in Google Chrome is not always supported in the Yandex browser. The conflicts of the big IT giants inevitably add complexity to software development.

With the help of testing, you can determine the slightest defects in the incompatibility of software solutions in different browsers and apply appropriate solutions at the initial stages, when such changes are cheaper and easier to make.

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