The Best Tech For TV Viewing And Hearing Loss

Making TV Viewing And Hearing Loss Fun Again

You know the picture, either the TV’s turned up to an excruciating level making the tinny speakers shake with reverb and distortion or it’s at a comfortable volume and friends and family with no hearing loss are happy. There’s no middle ground.

But there is tech that can help.

So, make TV viewing with a hearing-impaired friend or loved one fun again and consider some of these tech devices that can turn down the conflict and frustration and induce smiles all round. Some may be a bit of a bigger investment than you had planned so you may want to try and win big at Big Dollar online casino before you invest in them.

Hopefully after reading this, you will have a better and more considered range of options at your fingertips.

Wireless Hearing Aid Streaming

This may be one of the pricier options so let’s deal with it first as hearing aids are expensive enough as it is. If your hearing aids have a streaming function (most higher end ones do), then you can stream the sound directly to your hearing aids.

Your acoustician or audiologist will be able to advise on this option.

Home Theatre Systems

A full home theatre system can also be pricey but there are cheaper options such as Sound Bars, some of which can be priced very reasonably as technology reduces sizes. These units often focus on the dialogue even when actors are whispering. Anyone who is hard of hearing will be glad to hear this!

These days with larger TV screens, speakers are sacrificed due to space constraints and are usually small and of low quality. Home theatre systems come with wireless, high-quality speakers and amplifiers resulting in very little distortion.

Wireless TV Headphones

These are probably the most reasonably priced of all the devices listed. Some fans and recent converts have even stated emphatically that wireless TV headphones saved their marriages and relationships. These devices deliver sound directly to your ears and help to cut out other distracting sounds going on in the home. Wireless headphone pair with TV sound through a radio signal, Bluetooth, or infra-red technology.

Best of all, most come with volume controls on the headset which the hard-of-hearing viewer can adjust without affecting the TV volume for other viewers. And no wires or cords to get caught on the stove dials or drawer handles.

They are available in two options ̶  over the ears headsets or ear buds. Note that while they do not work with hearing devices, a person using them will still have distraction-free sound delivered straight to their ears.

Checklist To Consider When Buying Wireless TV Headphones

  • Check on your auditory input capabilities of both your TV and the intended wireless earphones. They should obviously be compatible.
  • Do ask about how long the wireless headphones hold a charge.
  • Importantly, check the range of any streaming or Bluetooth device you are considering and determine the reach of the reception.
  • What do the reviews say, are they comfortable?
  • What are the warranty and repair options?
  • Ask if there are any limitations from physical barriers in your home.
  • Ensure you can listen to both the TV speakers and your headphones at the same time.
  • Ask about whether the device you are considering can generate a strong permanent magnetic field which may
    interference with other devices.

There are devices out there that can help turn TV viewing into a joy again.


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