The list of technologies used in report writing

There comes a time when a business must make some very important regions to push them forward. For decisions to be made properly, some businesses will hire writing services or agencies to produce reports for them. The earlier this is done, the better because it can help them stay ahead of the competition.

Having information that is trustworthy before them can give a company a proper insight into its basic operations. This is done by using a handful of top-quality tools or technologies that give different levels of detail. While there are so many technologies and tools out there, a business has to choose one that suits them the most.

Any student that wants to be a report writer in the future needs to know the definition of these tools and the different types. This article will explore all those in detail, as well as provide a list of technologies that can be used.

What are report writing technologies?

These are programs that organize information collected by university or college students, paper writing services, or professionals to help analyze data. When data is arranged in tables or charts, making it is easy to interpret. When presented to the higher-ups of any business, they can fully understand all their business operations.

When done properly, the information collected can help a business make decisions very quickly.  For quality to be maintained, a student, professional, or paper writing service needs to collect, combine and clean up the data before uploading it to various tools or technologies.

Types of report writing technologies out there

Reporting writing tools come in different types and these are

1.     Self-service report writing technologies

These are technologies that allow people and professional writing services to build reports based on information gathered internally.

2.     Visualization report writing technologies

These are technologies used by people who work for academic writing services to present data graphically like charts and maps to make a report look better and enhance the information provided.

3.     Business intelligence report writing technologies

These help people all across the world uncover actionable insights by using interactive elements as well as visuals.

4.     Application performance report writing technologies

These technologies highlight data on how certain applications perform, the number of people using them, the amount of money it brings in, and more.

5.     Enterprise report writing tools

These are technologies whose main purpose is to provide flexibility as well as a high level of security according to many online writing services. Information can be structured in the form of charts, tables, and dashboards.

6.     Finance-related report writing technologies

These technologies are mainly used by people across various industries to analyze financial information like profits and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and more.


List of technologies used in report writing

1.     Google analytics

First on the list is Google Analytics, and it is without a doubt one of the most popular report writing technologies out there. This amazing tool collects user information through things like cookies, HTTP requests, browsers, and more.

All the collected data can be processed within 24 – 48 hours. As good as this tool is to use, the one issue many people have with the free version is it can only collect up to 10 million hits each month. Those that want to collect more data can use the upgraded version called Google Analytics 360 or other alternative tools.

2.     Google data studio

Just like the room above, this one is also free, and it can be set up to not only collect information but compare, create a dashboard and visualization as well as configure. To speed up the report creating process, there are templates that can be used in the gallery however, this tool has some limitations.

One of the most notable ones is there’s no official support from Google. Also, when a person is using more than two data sources, it will perform slower, which is not ideal for those who want to produce a report very quickly.

3.     OWOX BI

For those that want to collect a large amount of sample information, this is the best tool to use. Information collected is just strictly online, offline information is collected too. The best thing about this tool is it arranges, cleans, and merges data from various websites in real-time.

When data is collected, it can be used on other tools such as Google Sheets and Google data studio. There is a free plan available and also paid plans which start at $42 a month and offer features.

4.     Funnel

This tool does a great job when it comes to automatically organizing and cleaning data, thereby saving report writers plenty of time. When results are processed, they go into a funnel data warehouse to speed up the process. It is important to take into account that this tool doesn’t monitor data quality as well as stream user data from websites.

Funnel plans are very expensive, hence why they are mainly used by businesses. The starting price of plans starts at €499 a month which is a lot of money for a student, but it is certainly affordable for services that make a lot of money.

Benefits of using report writing technologies

With the world constantly changing, businesses need to adapt, otherwise, they risk being left behind. There are so many benefits that report writing technologies bring to the table.

1.     Reports are completed quicker

Manual report writing can be a long and exhausting process, but thankfully, using these technologies reduces the time needed to produce a report.

2.     Helps produce top-quality reports

These technologies allow people to input the exact parameters they need. This means that the report that is produced is exactly what a person wants.

3.     Gives people a clear insight

When data is well organized using these technologies, people can get important insights and take appropriate actions to achieve their goals.

4.     Report writing technologies incorporate visualization tools

This is where people can use charts and graphs to better interpret the information that they have gathered.

5.     Report writing technologies improve a company’s decision-making process

When reports are generated through these technologies, they can be distributed or shared very quickly, which allows companies to make decisions quicker based on the figures they see.

Final thoughts

For a business to know the type of report writing technologies they need, professional writing services say they need to understand their goals to come up with the right strategies to be competitive. The main goal of these technologies is to structure information and compile reports. They are mainly used to predict where a company might be heading in the future by providing charts and graphics for higher ups at major corporations.


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