Tips to Save Money with T&T Stores!

There is no doubt that groceries are getting expensive day by day. It has become difficult to manage grocery expenses with other household bills. Most likely, when you spend your day at the grocery mall, you end up buying extra stuff too. And if you bring your child to the store, they have a separate list ready in hand. Each and everything just add-ons to a hefty bill each time you plan to shop grocery. 

If you decide to save a little extra on your bills, look for T&T Supermarket flyers. They have various consumer-centric deals and offers for their customers. This article will discuss a few tips and tricks which you can utilize to save a little extra every time you shop your grocery with them. However, before moving towards tips, let us first discuss the store and how do they operate

T&T store

The name of this supermarket chain is itself very unique; it was named after two daughters of Lee, Tina & Tiffany. It also represents the name of two investors involved when this venture was introduced, Tawa supermarket Inc. and Tung Yee (Uni-President Enterprises corp.)

It is a Canada-based chain of supermarkets; they primarily sell Asian food from various outlets. Tina Lee – the CEO of T&T, opened their first Martin Burnaby’s Metropolis at Metrotown in 1993. These stores are spread in 35,000 sq. ft. to 74,000 sq. ft. area. Additionally, they have an in-house bakery, Asian deli, sushi, and Chinese barbeque department with various departments and services. 

Tips & Tricks 

Below we have shared a list of ways to save money on your grocery shopping at T&T stores. 

But, first, analyze your requirements and create a list. Listing your products is quite a useful thing to do. It eliminates all unnecessary items, and you stick to a planned budget as well. You can even create separate lists for perishable and non-perishable items for your convenience. 

  1. Wait for sales 

T&T Supermarket in Canada usually runs a promotion on many essential products. You can save a lot more with offers on staple items like eggs, milk, cookies, sweets, or other food items. Visit the store or their website to grab the offers. 

  1. Look for their flyers. 

Like any other store, T&T supermarket also has their flyers, introducing premium products or treats offered in it. For example, you can even get deals like buying one and two free, getting a 10 to 15 % discount, etc. Moreover, just search Canada weekly flyers, and you will get every flyer online; you can order online. 

  1. Stock your essentials in bulk 

We all have a few products usually used every day for meals like – flour, oats, etc. You can stock those items in bulk and utilize them throughout the month or two. This way, you may receive great deals or offers on bulk purchasing. 

  1. With various departments and services, Value-added products

Compare the rates of various stores that are near you, and buy the most value-added product. It will benefit you to know which store has more customer-friendly prices or offers. You can also rate these stores according to specific product’s prices or quality. 

Therefore, T&T run’s special offer. If you find better value or price on a certain product other than their store, they will refund you the difference amount right away. 


These are a few tips and tricks you can utilize before planning your next grocery shopping. 

It has become essential to plan your finances and execute your money accordingly, and else you will always compromise here and there. When we have less budget, we either buy substitutes or settle with low-grade brands, which can ultimately affect your health. So, we recommend you start considering T&T Supermarket flyers in Canada for better deals and value-added products with undoubted quality. 

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