Top 5 free resources to learn Project Management

Project managers must stay updated during today’s evolving digital transformation, regardless of formal training and courses. If you went back decades ago, there were only a few tools and software that businesses would stick to. And even after that, they were able to achieve the desired results.

Fast forward to now, with the current scenario and the onset of COVID-19, project management software and tools have become much more elaborate, and teams are getting bigger. Therefore, there is a vast scope of project management tools to manage big teams and collaborate effectively and efficiently.

Fortunately, several free project management tools available may help you move tasks forward AND deliver them on time. You will find a project manager in every industry, and it is an essential role for all leading businesses. A free PMP course will include a project’s planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing.

We have selected some of the internet’s top free project management tools to assist you at every stage. Utilize the best free tools and advice available to prioritize, tackle, and finish the most critical jobs. In addition, this will enable you to provide the most crucial findings in advance of the schedule if a customer or other stakeholder decides to drop by for an update.

Before we proceed further, let us define project management, project management tools, and the feature of PMP tools.

What is Project Management?

Project management is frequently connected to industries like engineering, building, and, more recently, healthcare and information technology (IT), which often require the completion of a complicated collection of components and their precise assembly to produce a finished product. Project management revolves around one-time projects from start to finish, i.e., it manages people, finances, technology, intellectual property, etc.

In simpler terms, project management is the planning and coordinating a company’s resources to advance the completion of a specific work, event, or responsibility.

What are Project Management Tools?

Project management tools are a collection of software created to assist project teams in project planning, tracking, and project management in meeting project goals within a specific time frame. Additionally, it fosters productive teamwork and speeds up tasks so they may be completed within the given deadlines.

What are the features of PMP Tools?

Aside from simple task management, the following are the essential characteristics of web-based project management tools:

Project Estimation

It’s critical to monitor your project’s progress and gauge its limitations in light of your performance to ensure its success. This could be shown using baselines, EVM, or budget forecasts.

Resource Allocation

The best project management tools can also help you distribute tasks based on staff availability and workload. It also ensures that the proper individuals perform the appropriate jobs.

Quality Management

The project management tools will manage the quality of your work constantly. The handling and escalation of bugs automatically is a further advantage.

The best free Project Management online courses

Below is the list of free project management courses online.


Popular job management software for teamwork is called Wrike. First, check out its blogs, which cover a range of subjects under more general headings, including collaboration, marketing, leadership, and productivity. It also features a remote working section containing intelligent blog pieces on how project managers may oversee a productive project team. You may even visit the Educational Guides and browse the Resources Library. Finally, visit the Project Management Guide, which contains every idea, structure, and method that novices, experts, and professionals need to be aware of.

Project management

Project management Monday does the following tasks for your team: Simple work delegation and priority setting. Establish a timetable, milestones, and dependencies for the project, and manage all of your team’s work in one location.

With this free resource, the project manager can collaborate across departments and teams to see how your work is progressing. To guarantee a smoother execution, keep everyone in line using a platform they will love. With project management Monday, the teams can work seamlessly and customize one project in various ways.

Project Manager

You can track your project resources using real-time dashboards in ProjectManager, a program for managing tasks and projects. No setup is necessary, and we automatically gather six project indicators and provide the information in clear, colorful graphs.

Project managers use resource management approaches to predict, plan, allocate, level, and optimize resources during a project’s execution.

You can use spreadsheets, documentation, project management software, or a mix of the three for resource management, which entails developing strategies and processes to manage resources efficiently.


Ganttic is the most adaptable resource planner. Project managers can create plans based on your facts. Then, make your plans based on your process. With the Ganttic platform, a project manager can easily schedule basic administrative tasks and events with a simple drag-and-drop feature. Also, it lets you plan ergonomically in a comfortable way. Alternatively, a manager can schedule unassigned tasks and add resources later.

 The Project Management Institute

The leading project management resource is PMI, which grants the PMP certification. Visit The Official PMI Blog for information about project standards and recent difficulties. When you visit the website, check out the Resource Hub. For logged-in users, there is a lively discussion board as well.

Even though you can find many other resources online, these are unquestionably worth your time. These are our top 5 free resources to learn project management skills so you can manage your teams effectively. Ideally, you’ll gain more knowledge and find ways to use challenges to your project team’s advantage.


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