Top 5 Slingo Games Online 

UK online casino developers Slingo are among the leading producers of exciting and innovative slot game releases. Coming to prominence in the mid-90s due to its portfolio of unique bingo and other varied online casino games, Slingo has only continued to add to their reputation with various releases.

When it comes to the typical gameplay of a Slingo-published title, each of these roughly follows the same format. Each game typically features a ladder or metre, indicating how close you are to one of the games’ many bonus rounds or payouts. These are typically triggered upon matching a selection of numbers on the Slingo reels, with the more matching lines you manage to land, the closer you get to one of these bonus features or jackpot payouts.

However, each of these games differs from title to title, with a range of varied layouts, designs, symbols and bonus rounds present throughout all of them. Conversely, due to their extensive portfolio, it could be slightly difficult to rank their best releases. However, do not worry, as we have compiled a list of the top 5 online Slingo games. 

Slingo Starburst 

Released in March 2021, Starburst is a good game to begin with, as it showcases the elements Slingo is so renowned for clear as day in this release. Firstly beginning with the game’s design, the colour scheme features a rainbow border to the play table, combined with the already established cosmic theme from which you are hit with just an initial glance. A purple-hued backdrop with distant star elements embedded in it set this release’s tone. This is only emphasised upon looking at the star-shaped symbols added to the play table upon landing corresponding numbers on the game’s singular row reel. In this game, Starburst almost combines two popular online casino genres, attaching a slot reel to a bingo-style playgrid, aiming to tick off the numbers allocated to this play grid upon landing matching numbers on the reel located beneath it.

There’s a lot of excitement in this game. Wilds allow you to select numbers to complete loans on the bingo-style playgrid. Each successive wild contributes to the fillable bonus metre. All of these guarantees a winning spin on a separate reel set.

Slingo Ante Up 

Similar in layout and format to the Starburst mentioned above, Slingo’s Ante Up is yet another exciting game which combines bingo and traditional slot game elements. Potentially a predecessor to this title, Ante Up was released seven months prior in August 2020. However, unlike Starburst, Ante Ups’ design is more traditional in its approach, representing the red velvet of a traditional casino table as opposed to Starburst’s cosmic, star-filled theme. Ante Up instead borrows the same play screen layout, again adapting a central bingo-style play table above a singular spinnable reel. 

Once again, the aim is relatively simple, match the numbers on your bingo card to the corresponding numbers on the reel to complete lines, with the final aim of completing a full house after selecting a certain amount of spins for this to be achieved within. This goal is only helped by two separate wild symbols on the reel. The first of these is the ‘J’ Super wild, which allows you to mark off a specific number of your choice on the grid, whilst the usual Wild symbol can mark off a number on the reel it lands. As well as this, the ‘+1’ symbol grants you an additional spin, giving you extra chances to land even more completed lines on top of the already selected number of paid spins.

Slingo XXXtreme 

If you want a more animated and maybe more fiery-themed instalment following a similar formula to the already mentioned games, Slingo XXXtreme could be the slot for you. Once again, adopting the singular row slot reel alongside a number-filled bingo play grid, XXXtreme adds an element of flair and excitement through its visuals. A magma-filled backdrop, with a burning glow shifting under the bubbling current, fuels the game’s fiery play gird. To the right of the bingo card, a ball-filled contraption represents the number of spins you are allocated for the round. These elements come with smooth animations and a fire-inspired colour palette, helping it differentiate from other Slingo instalments.

Upon landing a joker symbol on the singular row reel, you can mark off any number in the row directly above it, as the reels are aligned with the bo]ingo play grid. Moreover, a free spin symbol only aids in your mission to complete a full house, giving you additional opportunities to land any corresponding final symbols needed. Another joker symbol, this one donning a green outfit, acts as the game’s super wild., allowing you to select a number of your choice to be marked off the play table anywhere on the grid.

Slingo Centurion 

By now, you can probably already guess Sligo’s winning formula regarding the layout and format of their releases. This time around, Slingo provides a colourful Roman-era-style slot-bingo game, which you could’ve probably discerned from just the title. A single rowed reel sits at the bottom of the screen, once again aligned with the bingo playgrid above it. Framed with roman colosseum pillars and intricate stone detailing, the play features sit in front of a luscious green backdrop; Rolling hills with sparse foliage marinate the screen with a green colour palate and gush towards the front of a Roman Era building, decorated in the typical white marble finish and orange diagonal roof tiles.

The joker symbols also return in this instalment, sharing a familiar design with other Slingo games. These will once again allow you to mark off an adjacent number from the row aligned above it to help form either a Slingo line or a potential full house. This aim is only aided by the appearance of the super joker, which allows you to mark off any specific number, regardless of the position on the play grid. Furthermore, Slingos’s Centurion also features additional free spins, which you can land during the base selection of spins.

In addition, the titular Centurion also helps you complete lines in this game; lurking behind a dense bush in the bottom right of the screen, his special red feathered helmet gives away his position, poking out over the top of it. Randomly during spins, the Centurion could peer over his hiding spot with his golden horn and add additional features to your spin. This could be in the form of additional jokers or a certain number of guaranteed landed numbers.

Slingo Deal or no Deal 

The already established formula is injected with the additional excitement of the Deal or No Deal gameshow franchise in this Slingo instalment. The usual layout is present within this game, a single row sitting beneath the bingo card play table, its reels aligned. However, this being a Deal or No Deal game, the additional game show formula spices up the traditional gameplay. Out of the 25 boxes on the play table, all display a different number, each housing an individual cash prize. The available prizes are displayed on either side of the play table, with the blue prizes being the lower-valued ones and the reds acting as the higher-valued prizes. When spinning the reels, you aim to successfully land the boxes containing the blue cash prizes before the spins begin; you choose a box that you hope contains one of the top red prizes. Throughout the spins, boxes will be opened upon landing the corresponding number of the reels, revealing the prize contained within and removing it from play. 

Upon landing four lines on the playgrid, you will trigger the games banker feature, which will call you upon landing completed lines. In these calls, he will offer you a guaranteed cash prize which is determined by the selection of cash value remaining in play. However, should you ignore his sometimes tempting offers, you can stick it out to the end to reveal your selection box’s value, which is multiplied each time you land a completed line 5 or more times. Like the rest of Slingos games, the now familiar joker, super joker, and free spin symbols are all available to be landed on the reel, aiding in your aim to complete lines on the play table. 


Although Slingos game layouts may seem repetitive at first glance, delving deeper into all these instalments will reveal each game’s true innovation and unique features. These games we have broken down are just a handful of the exciting games within Slingos portfolio, with many more offering the familiar style of gameplay whilst also housing their differing bonus features. 


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