Ultimate Guide To Your Angel Pendant

How do you choose a perfect angel pendant that is just for you? Some believe the pendant you choose will have a supportive relationship with you from the day you bought it till the rest of your life. You will regard this friendship of communication and safety, giving you serenity and balance. Most don’t know how to search for their guardian angel. In this guide, we will try to guide you the best we can and compile as much info for you to disseminate to choose your angel and add it to your diamond angel necklace.

What does Guardian Angel Represent?

Some of the critical concepts that guardian angels represent are:

Having a Companion – You have someone or particularly an angel watching over you, comforting you and adding positivity into your life.

Good Prevails – We are always at odds with our demons, pushing them inch by inch every day while bringing light into our lives. The guardian angel represents this struggle giving you a boost to think positively and maintain your moral compass. This isn’t possible without clearing your heart and soul from negative energies as well as any evil which may have taken hold.

The Innocence of Purity – Most scriptures depict angels as pure beings; their only purpose is to obey. They don’t have wants or desires. This keeps their existence pure and devoid of any negative. Such is the portrayal of guardian angels, which adds similar vibes when wearing them for those who believe.

Strength – Angels bring winds, rotate every celestial body, and protect us and our earth from harm. There is strength in them to do what is necessary. 

Different types of Angel Jewelry

Following are some of the most common types of jewelry that include a representation of Guardian angels that you can add to your life.

Angel Pins

Guardian angels come in many forms in terms of pins. Depending on the design, these pins will have different designs, abstract shapes, filigree designs, or sometimes depicting the complete body of an angel. You can make these pins from gold, silver, or even brass. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter which sort of angel people choose; it’s their associations that they make with the angels. These associations can be something they fear or want protection from something they want to be protected. Some of the themes or associations people make with them are:

Career Pins – People want guidance or help in their jobs or work. These sorts of nurturing angel pins are readily available from different retailers.

Patriotic Pins – These pins depict angels holding army logos, weapons, flags, etc., supporting the followers’ ways.

Family Pins – Mother and grandmother angel pins are pretty standard as moms represent love, care, and protection.

Guardian Angel Bracelets

For those who want to add an angel at all times around their hands because some people believe that most of what we do is by our hands, this is the closest a guardian angel should be in whatever we do.

Furthermore, there is always a sense of protection available to followers when needed. Like someone is watching them for their every move, protection is readily available.

Angel Wings Jewelry

The wings of an angel are one of the aspects of guardian angels that give them a flight to come to your aid in difficult times. They give you a sense of protection like any bird hides its children under its wings. Those who seek out angel wings pendants look for security, harmony, and affection. People buy wing jewelry from Adina Eden due to their feelings attached to this symbolism. They often gift to their loved ones to give a gesture that communicates the same protection you wish upon them.

You can find many wing design pendants online and offline. Some gold wings have different diamond shapes and cuts to add color to the wings or represent a design. Some wing designs are in the shape of closely protecting someone behind them. The circular center is completely studded with diamonds on a gold base in this type of design.

Guardian Angel Coin Pendants

The simplest form of pendants is in the shape of coins. Both faces are engraved with Guardian angel pictures. While mostly these coins are gold plated, some want them to be incomplete gold which is more marvelous to look at but a significant solid gold investment. 

You can wear these for strength and protection as they can come to your aid and utmost safety. Angels are a pure form of energy, and with their help, you can better control the flow of your energy towards good and the Almighty.

Gifting Others Guardian Angels

Gifting loved ones, friends, family a guardian angel pendant or added necklace is a good and healthy gesture to show love and care. They will surely love it as most are aware of the symbolism. 

Custom Made Angel Pendants

Ready-made serves a purpose, but sometimes you need something unique to tailor to your own needs. You can have many cool designs incorporated into the pendants. You can add different colors to them, add the picture of a loved one between the wings or even engrave some initials on them. Many circular angel pendants have jewels on the front and an engraving on the back to show support and love for your spouse or girlfriend.


No matter how much we have learned, or how much science advances the safety precautions we take, we always look for a higher purpose or higher beings in our lives. Since the beginning of time, people have been looking for signs and beings that can wash away their sorrows and give them a sense of belonging. This belonging manifests in different ways and requires different approaches. Looking for this protection and feeling of not being alone, some turn to symbolism or even some sort of idols. This article has tried to bring these different aspects into a single article for as much information as possible to choose a guardian angel for you.


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