Want to Know How to Find the Best VPS Hosting Service? Read On

Your business website or online store is getting more and more visitors nowadays, and you think to upgrade your hosting plan to have more storage space and bandwidth. Hiring a dedicated server will help you handle traffic spikes and enjoy maximum performance, security, and flexibility by customizing the server to your business needs. Nevertheless, investing in a dedicated hosting plan immediately may be expensive for your business.

If your small business is working on a tight budget, you may not be able to spend much on a hosting plan. VPS or virtual private server hosting is the best option, for it is a mix of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Most SMEs or startup enterprises choose VPS hosting over shared hosting, for it offers huge storage space to manage multiple sites and root access to stay in control.

VPS offers virtual space in the server, with the performance of an independent server. Most eCommerce owners and web developers prefer VPS hosting for the private space and the opportunity to customize the resources by installing their applications. However, they share the server space and resources with other websites in separate virtual compartments having their own operating system, CPU, and RAM.

You can find several leading web hosting companies offering a range of VPS hosting plans like Standard, Professional, and Enterprise, which are designed for different user profiles. For instance, the Standard package is for the user looking for hosting multiple resources with low resources. The Professional and Enterprise packages are best suitable for developers and businesses who want a huge disk space for applications and databases.

Further, your business can choose the managed service levels for it will free you from the hassle of running the server; instead, you can concentrate on developing your business. You can choose a Managed or Fully-Managed plan depending on your business requirement. With these plans, the web host will control the servers and resources using cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager).

Selecting the right hosting company that best fulfils your needs is crucial. If you consider the key points explained here, it will help you to find the right VPS web host for your site.

  1. Server locations

It’s worth knowing the server locations of your hosting services provider, for the nearer the server locations are to your potential customers, the faster the website loading times will be for your website visitors. There are VPS hosting companies operating enterprise data centers at various locations across Australia, the USA, and Europe. They have each of their facility equipped with multiple tier-1 networks with 10GB per second to ensure the fastest webpage loading times.

  1. Scalability

You need to check whether a web host offers multiple services. Most small business owners go for VPS hosting as it helps them adjust to the ebb and flow of their business needs. Shared hosting is a relatively low-cost option for a new website. Nevertheless, shifting to VPS when your website develops will help customize your resources, complete data isolation, and high-speed web services. With VPS hosting, you can start small and expand when there is a spike in traffic. By having a reliable hosting service provider, you can have complete scalability by upgrading your hosting plan to have more storage, power, and speed.

  1. Guaranteed uptime

Website downtime can be costly for your business as you will lose traffic to your site, which in turn will affect your sales and profit. The best web hosting company provides a service-level agreement (SLA) with 99.99% guaranteed uptime, power, and virtual server availability. With it, you can ensure your website is always active and available to visitors.

Reliable network uptime enables faster loading of websites, which is one of the requirements for ranking on search engines. With maximum flexibility in customizing server resources, VPS hosting helps a website with greater performance and faster loading time.

  1. Full root access

You can stay in control with a suitable VPS hosting plan. You have full root access to perform any task you want anytime, irrespective of whether the server is managed by yourself or the web host. With VPS, you can customize the resources by installing your preferred OS and applications.

  1. Website security

Before choosing the web host, check for the security features. Does your plan include 24-hour monitoring and technical support?

Opting for VPS hosting is good if you want to have the best hosting experience at a reasonable price.


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