Why Should Businesses Leverage Mobile Test Automation?

Every organization, regardless of its size, uses mobile applications to stay connected to customers. Due to many smartphone users, mobile apps have fuelled growth along with delivering a better customer experience.

Today, app ratings and reviews matter significantly with millions of mobile users using apps on a daily basis. Hence, app owners must ensure that the application meets their user base’s requirements and delivers the best user experience. It must be tested thoroughly during mobile application development to provide the best user experience. Various automation tools are used for mobile application testing to ensure flawless apps.

Businesses should leverage the following types of mobile automation testing to achieve the below characteristics:

App functionality: Achieving seamless functioning of the application is the most fundamental aim of the QA team. The app functionality testing ensures that the application functions as specified in the design document for various specifications.

App Performance: The loading speed, navigation speed, app responsiveness, operating capacity, scalability and readiness of the app, and how it performs with a varying load of users are the most noteworthy aspects of an application demanding high performance. Performance testing assesses all these parameters to enable the best customer experience.

App security: The security testing verifies data integrity, storage security issues, and security of activity logs to ensure that there is scope for security breaches and internet vulnerabilities.

App Usability: App usability automation testing is necessary to implement as mobile apps that deliver superb usability are preferred more by users.

App Accessibility:

Nowadays, it is a necessity that the apps should be accessible to the differently abled population to ensure their easy access and usage. Certain accessibility norms and regulations should be adhered-to to ensure that the application is accessible to each user. Hence accessibility test automation should be considered seriously while developing apps.

Across browsers, OS, and various Mobile Devices:  Nowadays, different types of browsers, devices, and OS, along with updated versions, are coming into the market. This can bring serious compatibility issues between the application and the upcoming performances. This challenge cannot be overlooked and QA and development teams need to adjust to the changing times to deliver the best user experience.


With exponential growth in the number of mobile app users, enterprises’ customer base has also upsurged. As the dependency on the application is increasing for enterprises, they need to ensure that the application performs well. As the key to good application performance is mobile application testing, it is highly recommended to deal with daily mobile application challenges.

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