Why Sleepwear Is Important For A Good Sleep

Some people like to sleep in the nude, others like to wear a nightie. Some people won’t bother changing at all and will sleep in the clothes they wore that day.

With all of these options, you might wonder if sleepwear is even important. The answer is yes, it is. Technically it doesn’t matter what you wear in terms of biology, as men’s and womens pajamas are the same except for their style. What matters is your psychology and the materials.

Let’s dive into what that means, and how the right sleepwear can give you better sleep.

It Helps Make You Sleepy

When you put on your gym clothes, you feel ready to take on the treadmill. When you change out of your work clothes, you feel more comfortable in your home.

This is because your clothes act as a psychological barrier for activities. Wearing the “wrong clothes” in the wrong setting will make it harder for you to complete your activities. 

This is why people who work from home shouldn’t work in their sleepwear. Without changing into new clothes, they can feel sluggish and as if they hadn’t left their bed.

The same thing happens when you change out of your day clothes and into your pajamas. The swap tells your mind that it’s nighttime. It starts to unwind and relax knowing that sleep will be coming soon.

If you get into your pajamas straight after work, or you watch TV and play games while wearing your night clothes, then the effect won’t happen. You need your pajamas to be worn just for sleeping to have a truly relaxing effect. 

It Helps You Regulate Your Body Temperature

When we say “sleepwear” we are talking about outfits that are specifically designed for you to sleep in. These clothes will be made out of cotton, silk, flannel, or other materials which are known for keeping your body at the right temperature.

You need the right temperature not just to stay comfortable, but also to help your body produce the “sleep hormones” that repair your body in the night. If you don’t sleep well at night, you wake up feeling groggy, achy and a little lost. This is because the hormones that would repair your body in the night couldn’t complete their job.

This is because you were too hot or too cold. As your body tries to find a regular temperature, it wastes time focusing on keeping your cool and so doesn’t have the strength to heal you.

Allowing yourself to reach a healthy temperature means you’ll wake up feeling refreshed.

Pajamas Are Designed To Make You Comfortable

Some people put on their pajamas early in the evening, simply because their day’s clothes are all about fashion, while their night clothes are actually comfortable. You’ve seen us say it above, but you should really keep your nightwear for the night alone. That being said, you can see why some people become a little cheeky about when “night” starts.

Most pajamas are made out of materials that are designed to move with you, stay light, and avoid pinching or pulling. Although you might outgrow your nightwear, you normally will end up with a clothing option that you almost forget about – it’s that comfortable.

While you wear your pajamas you shouldn’t be wearing bras or underwear. These undergarments will pinch you and will pull at you. This will make you uncomfortable as you sleep, and may end in a line along your body.

You may also notice your body building bacteria in these areas, as you sweat through the night in clothing not designed for this type of relaxation. With moisture comes bacteria, which means you are more likely to develop an infection if you wear non-pajamas to bed. This infection could lead to dandruff, spots and other unappealing sights.


For the people that sleep in the nude, you may be looking at the above comments and think your option is still better. Unfortunately, you have failed to consider the fabric of your bed liner, blankets, and comforters. 

These materials are designed to keep your bed clean, but they aren’t breathable. Your skin can become irritated at night, and the risk of moisture is still a threat. 

Pajamas, however, are designed to keep the air flowing around your body, allowing it to breathe, even if you are under a cover.


Sleepwear will help you get to sleep easier, will help your body heal at night, will be comfortable, and help your body stay at the right temperature.


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