3 Gadgets You Shouldn’t Splurge On Anymore

With technology evolving every year, we’re witnessing a huge transition from old to new gadgets. Every day we’re seeing innovative ideas turn into reality and that is nothing less than amazing. As life is becoming more and more convenient and easy thanks to these gadgets, these gadgets are also becoming complex to understand and produce.

We spend a lot of time understanding how these gadgets work and as soon as they become our favorite,  new ones hit the market. It’s an entire cycle that repeats. But do you remember how easy gadgets were back in the 2000s? They were easy to understand and use because they only had a few features and functions to perform. Learning how to use them was quick and easy. But with time, as technology evolves and new gadgets have wiped off the markets, no one wants to spend money on features and functionality of the old gadgets anymore.

Let’s check out the gadgets you don’t need to splurge on anymore because there are far better ones that exist in the market now!

  • iPod

iPods were the coolest gadget to have back in the day. From students to celebrities everyone was sporting one. And movies and TV series played a huge role in contributing to the popularity of iPods back then. Since everyone had this mini gadget, more people wanted it.

Whether you were heading out on a road trip with your friends, or going out for grocery shopping, or simply having friends over, having an iPod in your picket became a necessity. You wouldn’t leave the house without it. It wasn’t about the device at this point – it was about the music. The vibe. The party. The ‘shutting off the world with your earphones plugged in.

It also contributed significantly to the growth and expansion of the music industry. The audience would always wait to download their favorite music onto their iPods after release. However, all good things come to an end.

The fame and craze over iPods eventually died down. While iPods are still on the market, no one wants to buy one anymore when they have a phone and that makes a lot of sense.

  • DSLR

Do you remember that one person who’d have a huge black DSLR would always end up being the photographer of the group?  A DSLR would perfectly capture pictures, quality, and aesthetics. We’d all end up having the best-liked pictures on our social media profiles because of that huge black camera.

But now with different types of cameras entering the market and photography becoming a popular profession, people opt for other alternatives. Even phones nowadays are becoming much more advanced and sophisticated to replace gigantic black cameras. Moreover, with the availability of high-speed internet such as Metronet internet, you can upload pictures instantly on your social media platforms through your phone!

  • Wired earphone

Wired earphones and headphones were one of the must-have gadgets back in the day – Two wires going all the way to the ears, while one end connects to a gadget.  These earphones would play music or immerse you in a world of gaming.

But things have changed. Wired earphones and headphones have become old fashioned ever since wireless technology launched into the market.

Bluetooth earphones and headphones have become all the rage right now. Without a wired connection needed, we can easily connect our gadgets and listen to songs and play games whenever we like. They’re super reliable but expensive.

However, splurging on wired earphones in today’s time isn’t a wise purchasing decision to make when it comes to convenience.


With technology changing and new innovations coming to life, life has become only convenient and easy with time. While understanding new gadgets is nothing less than a mission, they are more equipped to handle the sophisticated complexities of everyday life than the previous gadgets.

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