3 Reasons To Create a Business Name With Namify

Creating a name for an upcoming business isn’t as easy as it sounds. Fortunately, there is a company that can help with this process. If this is something you’re struggling with, here are three reasons to create a business name with Namify.

1. Brand Recognition

To achieve success as soon as possible, you’ll need brand recognition. This can help you become iconic and familiar in a customer’s mind.

Brand recognition requires more than quality products and customer service. You’ll need to have a unique name. When a new customer hears the title, your business should come to mind first. This is further complicated when it comes to e-commerce. In this day and age, everyone has an online presence. Unfortunately, gaining brand recognition online can be difficult. You no longer have the benefit of physical landmarks and decorations. Instead, your name needs to evoke the essence of your company without the help of signage.

If you’re coming up blank, don’t worry. Namify, a company that helps to develop online brands, has tools that can create business name ideas. These names are both creative and completely unique. As long as you provide sufficient descriptions of your company’s aesthetic, you should get an applicable, recognizable name.

2. Industry Success

Business names aren’t only about customer recognition. Your name also needs to contain relevance to your industry. Otherwise, customers and fellow professionals may not understand your branding.

You might, understandably, have difficulty creating both a unique and relevant name. Namify’s business name generator can help with this. The generator works by asking for keywords, so you’ll want to start by finding words that relate to your industry. For instance, an Italian restaurant should input Italian, restaurant, etc. This, merged with your more qualitative words, should give you an efficient and eye-catching set of names.

If you’re unsure about which one to pick, simply reach out to other professionals. Find people who have been running similar businesses to consult. You’ll also want to talk with consumers. During these discussions, think about how to make sure your name conveys, at the very least, a sense of what you do.

3. Online Visibility

Online visibility is essential in the modern business world. If your brand isn’t thriving on the internet, that should be your main focus.

Fortunately, Namify focuses on online branding. For one thing, the company provides assistance in creating a domain name. If you’re unfamiliar, a domain name is a readable IP address. Essentially, it’s what you type into a web browser. While you may plan to simply copy and paste your business name, this might not work out well. A long name probably won’t succeed online. If this is the case with your business, you may want to do some shortening.

You may also find that the name you want is already taken. Unfortunately, this happens often. In this event, you might want to change the domain extension. Extensions are what comes at the end of a domain name, such as .com or .net. Namify also has newer extensions to consider, along with providing logo suggestions. Since you don’t have physical markers online, getting a stand-out logo is essential for success.

Creating a unique, exciting, and memorable name is essential for entrepreneurs. Namify’s products can help businesses succeed in this area.


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