7 Emojis That You Should Know and Use in Specific Situations

Emojis are a helpful communication tool of the 21st century. It allows you to understand one’s feelings and thoughts effortlessly. Moreover, different social media platforms contain emojis in their comments and captions. You can’t resist that emojis are simple, user-friendly, and convenient. No doubt that teenagers are fond of using emojis. It is fascinating how a single or two emoji creates meaning. Emoji can help people convey themselves, relax their mood, and establish their own identity.

Keep in mind that emojis have different interpretations and purposes. Some emojis are not what you think they are. Did you know that an ice face emoji is not the reply for complaining about how it’s too cold? Instead, you can use it for sarcastic responses. You don’t want to send the wrong emoji, don’t you? This article will save you from using the correct emojis in specific situations. Fuel your minds with brand new emoji facts! 

1. Grimacing Face Emoji

This emoji appears scared, tense, and possibly nervous. It is typically used for tense situations where there’s no way out. But, this emoji is best when you don’t know what to say. For instance,  when a friend begins telling you about their recent breakup. This emoji is helpful to show shock and out of words. 

It is better to avoid sending this emoji in uncomfortable situations, such as rejecting someone after expressing how they truly feel.

2. Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji

ROFL is the emoji used by your humorous friends. They will not only send one but a bunch of these emojis. It is hard to convey a precise amount of laughs. That’s the purpose of countless sending it. It is perfect for laughing-out-loud jokes and situations. 

People who use this frequently are rarely sad. They have a smile on their face seeing them in person. It is an emoji that you can use instead of LOL. However, you may not use this for replying to formal relationships. It can cause misunderstanding and may sound rude. 

3. Surprised Emoji 

This emoji creates an inaudible scream to your chatmates on their phones. People use this emoji to convey surprise, shock, and utter disbelief. It is harsh to pretend you’re in shock while using this emoji. 

This emoji is best for responding to friends who have newsworthy stories. It’s the same as saying, “This is unbelievable!” or “I’m mystified by what you just told me!” or “I had no idea about this!”

4. Winking Face Emoji 

Some may use this emoji as a hint or lead someone to a secret. However, most use this emoji for a more mature context. Winking Face Emoji can change any innocent comment towards something naughty. This emoji is commonly used for messaging about any sexual attraction.

So, avoid accidentally replying with this emoji. It could create a big deal for the receiver. This emoji can be as playful as it gets!

5. Yellow Heart 

Colored hearts differ from each other. This yellow heart emoji gives a calming and friendly vibe. It is best to send it to your loved ones, especially your family. A yellow heart conveys that you are doing great in life. You’re happy, and everything is okay. You can also send this to show your support to your friends, saying, “Hey, I’m always here for you!” 

You may want to wish that you won’t receive it from your crush. If your crush does, it means you’re friendzone. That hurts!

6. Upside-Down Face Emoji

This emoji conveys a sense of whimsy, childishness, sarcasm, and everything silly. In fact, anything you say before the Upside-Down Face Emoji can be interpreted as nothing so serious or considered joking. 

You can use this emoji with your close friends that get your sarcastic humor. In comparison, it is inappropriate to reply with any work-related message. 

7. Shrug Emoji

The word shrug means to express doubt, ignorance. This emoji is all about “meh” in a situation where you don’t know what to say. At the same time, you show unconcernedness in the message. The shrug emoji says it all. It is different from yellow round emojis because they don’t have shoulders to shrug. 

Be careful to use this emoji, as it can show disrespect to others. For instance, respond to your girlfriend when she asks, “are you hungry?” Yikes! Better reply with a nice message. 


Emoji is the language of the virtual world. It conveys a sense of connection and belonging. Moreover, misused emojis can mislead the receiver. Proper usage of emojis can prevent misunderstanding and other conflicts. It is better to be knowledgeable about emojis to save you from awkward and embarrassing situations. 

If you desire to know more about emojis, visit! Don’t hesitate to learn and discover new facts about the emoji world. Happy Chating! 


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