7 questions to ask your mesothelioma attorney before hiring them

Mesothelioma occurs due to asbestos exposure. The deadly fibers reach the internal organs through breathing and scar their linings. The result is fatal cancer that has no cure. Mostly, people working in the construction industry and armed forces are exposed to this deadly disease.

If the employer’s negligence causes harm to the worker, the worker or the family members can litigate their employers and demand compensation for their damage.

Often the compensation amount is in the millions— enough to fulfill the medical and other financial needs of the victim and the family. But victims have a higher chance of getting a good compensation when they have an experienced attorney. It leads us to the essential question: How to find the best mesothelioma lawyer?

You will find many lawyers who claim to be the best in their field. But you can only be sure after meeting them and clearing out all your ambiguities.

Even if the lawyer is recommended by someone you know, you should still be certain of your choice by asking the following questions from your prospective attorney.

  1. Are you working with a firm?

This is one of the important questions to ask your prospective mesothelioma attorney. Asking this question will tell you about the resources they might have and the scope of their service.

Mesothelioma attorneys working with a renowned firm have extensive resources to collect the evidence and required data. Many lawyers from Texas, California, and Florida, have been able to get millions in compensation with the help of resources available in their firms.

Recently a Texas attorney has received $3.2 million for an army veteran. You can also search “mesothelioma attorneys texas” online and recheck the authenticity of this claim. So, the benefit of choosing a lawyer working with a firm is that it increases your chances of getting a higher amount in compensation.

  1. Do you have national reach?

Besides the high compensation amount, another benefit of choosing a mesothelioma attorney affiliated with a firm is that they have a national reach.

They can travel across the state to visit you at your residence. This way, you or your family don’t need to travel long distances to meet the lawyer. Besides, it is difficult for the mesothelioma victim to travel in their state.

Often these firms have their offices in various states across the country. Therefore, they can send representatives from their local office to wherever you are.

More importantly, they can help you file the case in the state where you still fulfill the statute of limitations, and that state can be other than where you reside.

  1. What is your consultation fee?

This is one of those questions you must never forget to ask your attorney. Taking care of the financial aspect is better before opting for the attorney.

Most experienced attorneys don’t charge any consultation fee for the case review.

These lawyers understand the financial predicament of the mesothelioma victim who is already in an economic crunch due to job and income loss. Therefore, they review the case for free.

  1. What is your fee plan for the entire case?

Most mesothelioma lawyers charge according to a contingency fee plan. In this plan, the lawyer gets their fee after winning the compensation for their client.

Failure to do so results in no fee paid to them. The contingency fee plan protects the victim from paying hefty amounts for a lawsuit they could not win.

Moreover, the victim’s financial situation also does not allow them to pay any upfront cost. If the lawyer demands a fee regardless of the results of the lawsuit, it is not wise to go with the lawyer.

  1. Can you close the case with a mesothelioma settlement?

There are primarily two ways to get compensation from the culprits: Mesothelioma settlement and mesothelioma court verdict.

In mesothelioma settlement, the victims get compensation without going into the full court proceedings. This process is swift, and the victim receives the money within two months or one year.

Contrary to this is the mesothelioma court verdict. The case proceeds to the court hearing. Both parties present their arguments and evidence, and the judge/ jury decides. This process is lengthy and a little risky too.

It is quite possible that the plaintiff’s lawyer fails to make a strong case and ends up getting nothing. Therefore, you need to ask your attorney if they can wind up with a mesothelioma settlement in less time.

Though your lawyer might not be able to tell you precisely, they can still give you a rough idea of what can happen.

  1. How much compensation can you get for me?

The amount of compensation is something you might want to know about eagerly. Your attorney may find it difficult to tell the exact amount because the compensation varies considerably among the lawsuits.

In the US, the lawyers have been able to get an average mesothelioma compensation of $1million to $1.4 million. But there are cases too. In one instance, an attorney won $250 million compensation from the US Steel for a mesothelioma victim’s family.

In another recent case, the plaintiff received $40 million. The amount of compensation depends on the events describing the victim’s exposure, the extent of mesothelioma exposure, the number of dependents, the age of the victim, and many other things.

  1. When is the right time to file a mesothelioma lawsuit?

You must file the mesothelioma lawsuit as soon as you get your diagnosis. You will continuously need money for your treatment. Hence, the sooner you get the compensation, the better.

In general, you have a time window allowed by the law during which you can file the claim— the statute of limitation. Often you have two years starting from the moment of your mesothelioma diagnosis.

If the statute of limitation passes, you may not be legally allowed to file the lawsuit. Therefore, the earlier you file the claim, the better it is for your case.


Mesothelioma is fatal cancer. Getting a mesothelioma diagnosis ruins the life of the victims and their families. Hence, culprits must be brought to justice for their heinous crimes. An experienced mesothelioma attorney makes this process easier for the victim, helping them receive the compensation in the shortest possible time.


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