Amazon PPC: Is It Helpful?

Amazon PPC or sponsored ads is an advertising format to assist sellers in increasing their product sales online. Amazon follows a Pay-per-Click (PPC) model, which means the advertisers only pay if customers click on the ad. 

The primary purpose of the PPC campaign is to significantly increase the product’s sales and visibility. There are three types of PPC Advertising- Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display ADs, and Sponsored Brands. In addition, there are lots of Amazon PPC agency such as eStore Factory, that have data-driven strategies, are ROI-focused, and their technology meets experts. 

Why PPC?

Most consumers, while using amazon, are already looking to buy a product, so the ads are more likely to convert. Before creating any campaigns, make sure you optimize your listing by hiring Amazon product listing optimization services. 

It is assumed that Amazon buyers are not there for window shopping; they have the product pre-decided and directly come to the search bar and buy the product. These results are called organic results, but there are also paid results shown above the organic results. These paid results are Pay-per-click; most Amazon PPC agencies are behind these paid results.

Here are some benefits of the Amazon PPC:

  • You reach buyers directly

Most of the time, ads mostly reach viewers only, but that’s not the case with Amazon PPC. Instead, you directly reach the buyers; when a customer searches for a product, relevant sponsored ads save time, and detailed product information is displayed beside the product. They just have to click on the given link to get their desired search.

  • Global Reach

Amazon is a retail giant; the products campaigned via PPC are recognized globally; even a single PPC campaign will get you millions of views; even if very few users click on the link and buy the product, it would still be a win-win situation. 

  • Measuring success

Amazon provides a tailored product reporting feature that helps to analyze and optimize your PPC campaigns; the amazon experts also help to understand the sellers if the products are highlighted enough using the combination of keywords.

  • Paying per Clicks

Like the name suggests, you don’t have to pay anything for the impression that the ad generates for a sponsored ad. It is known to be a hassle-free transaction compared to everything else. The seller pays the advertising fees separately; it is only deducted when the seller reaches the current credit ladder.

  • Pricing Benefits

The advertisers are at most benefit under the PPC model, he is allowed to create his budget and he also fixes the maximum bidding amount. There are no subscription fees or activation costs. Amazon’s Pay Per Click (PPC) brings in more traffic and enhances Amazon product listing optimization.

  • Boost sales

Being a merchant, all you need is to enhance your business’s sales. Advertising the products through Amazon PPC aids in increasing the overall visibility of the product. It is assistive in amplifying the sales volume once you optimize the ad with the right keywords and run them. As the product listing shows up on the first page of search results, it fuels the reach among the audience hence expanding the customer base. 

  • Influences organic rankings

You might not know that Amazon PPC ads can positively impact the product’s organic rankings. As sales history plays a significant role in ameliorating your Google rankings, Amazon PPC ads help enhance the same. The Amazon algorithm automatically places the listing on the top of the search results. Moreover, it also gives thrust to those keywords used for PPC ads to rank organically. 

  1. Reaching to potential buyers

Billions of Google searches are done in a single day across the globe. All you need is your ads to pop up to your potential customers, and it can be achieved by running PPC campaigns on your Amazon account. As this marketing tactic is focused on reaching legitimate customers, the product ad is displayed whenever a user searches for a specific keyword. The ads run along with targeted search and can get a swarm of clicks by users who want to make a purchase. 

 Types of Amazon PPC ads 

You might be wondering about the various types of Amazon PPC ads you can run. Well, there are three types of PPC ads that you can opt for 

  1. Amazon Sponsored Brands Ads 

Also known as “headline search ads” these are basically for attracting the customers at the top of the sales funnel. It helps grab the attention of potential customers before they know what they want. You can find these ads in various spots and formats, including sponsored brands’ videos. You can witness these sponsored brand ads on your desktop devices –

  • Beneath search results
  • On the left side of search results
  • Above the search results 
  • Amazon Sponsored Display Ads 

If you need to boost your impressions and grab upper-funnel interest, you should go for Amazon-sponsored display ads. It is also helpful in retargeting the customers who are close to buying your product. It has the power to retarget the shoppers who recently took a glance at your Amazon product pages and have searched the words relevant to your listing.

You can find these sponsored display ads at –

  • Customer review pages
  • Top of the offer listing pages 
  • In product detail pages on mobile and desktop

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads 

Amazon sponsored product ads help your ads pop up on the search results and product details pages. It is believed to demonstrate higher conversion capabilities and consumer attraction. Like other Amazon PPC advertising options, Amazon deducts charges when a shopper clicks the ads. You can find sponsored product ads at these places –

  • On the bottom of Google search results
  • On product detail pages
  •  within search results


Amazon PPC is extremely useful and there is no reason why not try it. It boosts product sales, creates brand awareness for new products, and increases the product’s visibility for seasonal trends. You need to visit eStore Factory, to get optimized PPC campaigns for your business to leverage online marketing tactics.


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