Attention Grabbing Logo Color Combinations For A Logo That Pops

How important is color in your logo? Color has the power to improve brand recognition by 80%.

It’s so important, companies like Coca-Cola, Home Depot, and Tiffany spend money to trademark their colors. Color has the power to invoke emotions and trigger memories.

You want your logo’s colors to capture attention and trigger positive emotions and memories. The question is which color combination you should use in your logo.

We’ve got that answer for you. Keep reading to learn about the best logo color combinations you can use in your logo.

Black and Orange

Companies that want to underscore strength, power, and excitement can turn to this color combination. The orange against black creates a contrast that grabs attention.

Businesses such as gyms, escape rooms, and sports teams benefit from this color combination.

Red, Orange, and Black

You generally want to stay with two colors in your logo for simplicity, but this color combination is too good to ignore. This accentuates excitement and energy.

Use red as your main color and black as your secondary color. Orange is used as an accent.

Olive Green and Brown

For businesses that want to emphasize the environment or natural products would do well with this logo color combination. It also works for businesses that accentuate tranquility or peaceful states.

Olive green and brown are natural colors. You can create contrast by using a lighter shade of brown next to olive green.

Pink and Light Blue

Do you have a bold company? Is it a fun brand? Pink combined with light blue or turquoise is an energetic color combination.

It will knock the socks off of your customers.

How to Choose Logo Color Combinations

You just learned a few of the top color combinations that you can use. Which one is the most appropriate for your logo?

Think about your brand. You know that color taps into emotions. You want to choose the right emotions that match your brand.

A brand is what you want people to feel and think when they think of your company. Write down 1-3 things that you want your company to be known for.

Your company might be a bank, insurance, or security company. In that case, dark blue with black or white is appropriate. You communicate trust, reliability, and security.

A fun company like a party planner, daycare center, or dog groomer can show its personality. Bold and bright combinations would work.

Experiment with a few color combinations. Use a logo creator online to try different logo color combinations. Test them by showing them to employees and your target market.

Get feedback and learn which color combination they liked the most and why.

Learning About Logo Color Combinations

Logo color combinations are a critical piece of your logo. Without it, people won’t recognize your brand. You need to choose the right color combination that reflects your brand.

The logo color combinations in this article are just a few examples that you can experiment with. Try out different color combinations to learn which one is the best for you.

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