B2B Lead Generation – 3 Best Strategies for 2021

Let us set the record straight right away. There are no magic fixes to your B2B lead generation strategies.

You’ve undoubtedly already read a few articles that show you a list of things to try but don’t provide much context. You’ll find a list here as well, but we will try to put things in perspective.

A lead is more than just a potential client. It’s a prospect that is up for grabs only if you are ready to put in the effort. All you have to do is capture their attention, offer value, and demonstrate that your service will help their cause by finding a resolution to their problem. If they don’t have an issue you can fix, they are in no obligation to sign up for your services, however compelling and efficient they may be.

Now, let’s get to a few basics before we dive into the strategies for lead generation.

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is the marketing activity of generating and capturing the buyers’ interest in a product or service through a structured sales funnel, allowing businesses to nurture prospects to get them ready to buy.

Common lead generation tactics

The two most important lead generation channels used by digital marketing agencies are online and offline. Your blog and website, as well as ads and SEO, are all examples of online lead generation methods. Direct mail, trade exhibitions, and cold calling are the most widely exercised offline methods.

Next, let’s look at some online B2B lead generation strategies.

  1. Email marketing 

Email marketing is a tried and tested, but grossly underappreciated marketing strategy. It’s likely that your competitors too are pursuing your leads so you’ll want to make sure that your emails stand out among the clutter. Include intriguing facts about your company or the area, and make sure your emails don’t read like letters full of overbearing and pushy sales pitches. The attention of the lead is drawn to cleverly phrased emails.

The most misused medium these days is certainly cold email. If and when they employ cold email, smart email marketers know how to put in the work.

  1. Content marketing 

This is a fantastic choice for businesses that have engaging stuff to distribute, such as articles or videos. To make it work, you’ll need to perform a lot of research to figure out what kind of language to use, what kind of content your customers will appreciate, who they listen to, and so on.

Learn about your target audience and send them a high-quality copy. This will provide your website with excellent search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves increasing page views in a non-targeted manner for more potential leads to reach your website via search engines.

Is video content marketing the “future”?

It certainly is.

Since 2017, corporations have raised their use of video in marketing by 38 percent. Furthermore, video material is currently preferred by 72 percent of customers over text-based content.

Pay heed to introductions

Whether you’re making a video for YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter, it doesn’t matter.

Your introduction is vital when it comes to crafting a fantastic video and there are statistics to back it up. A solid first 15 seconds, according to YouTube’s analytics, can keep visitors captivated. This implies you should stay away from animated logos and redundant explanations of the video’s purpose. To keep the audience’s attention from the start, get right to the point.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a Belarusian-American entrepreneur, once said “Document, don’t create”. Instead of starting from scratch, the objective is to document what you’re doing.

The strategy of “Document, don’t create” has two significant advantages:

First and foremost, your content has significantly improved.

Second, documenting is simpler and quicker. After all, you’re merely keeping track of your daily activities.

You may develop more content if your content details the SEO work you undertake every day.

3. Pay per click

Top digital marketing agencies use PPC as it yields instant results the moment the campaign goes live. You will get to see progress in clicks, traffic, and conversions. PPC Ads are always placed at the top of SERP. The results are evident.

PPC Ads are preferred to any other search results, whether on a mobile or desktop device. All other results will be pushed aside in favor of PPC ads. It’s nearly hard to achieve such outcomes by depending just on SEO.

You can include phone numbers, callouts, and expanded site links to draw a searcher’s attention to your ad and enhance your business visibility.

A seasoned paid search specialist (an asset in every top digital marketing agency) and a competent copywriter are required to run a PPC campaign, as they will produce engaging Ads and design alluring landing pages that will grab the visitor’s imagination. This means, for the most part, a small crew will suffice.

PPC allows you to run advertising in a variety of categories, such as search ads, shopping ads, video ads, and Gmail ads. You can personalize your adverts to target a niche, a certain segment of your audience, and it will eventually pique their interest to the point where they will feel compelled to investigate.

Take, for example, shopping commercials. Google has started to roll out (again) free listings, however, these only appear in the shopping tab, not in the sponsored section of the SERPs. Organic listings, on the other hand, do not have the same range of alternatives for reaching your target audience.

PPC brings better optimization and a higher return on investment (Return on Ad Spent).

Wrapping up

Since you can’t just copy and paste a method that works for someone else, B2B lead creation is difficult. Things that work like a charm in one industry may fall flat in another.

The goal is to develop a plan that works for you, and in most situations, content is at the heart of good lead creation. It all boils down to understanding your target market and how they connect with your company.

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