Beautiful Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Front Yard

Outdoor lighting is a great way to increase curb appeal and home value, but it can be expensive to hire professionals. Believe it or not, the average cost to install outdoor lighting is $2,500 for 12 light fixtures!

Fortunately, landscaping lighting doesn’t have to be too challenging or expensive if you know what you’re doing. Let’s talk about some landscape lighting ideas to get your yard shining brightly this summer!

  1. Make Your Plants Shine

We mean this quite literally. You can actually put lights into the center of your larger plants in your front yard, actually making them shine at night. This effect is very unique and could easily draw attention to your beautiful garden in your front yard!

For more great outdoor lighting ideas, consider getting light-up flower pots to really make your plants shine! If placed strategically, these could serve as great lanterns along a walkway!

  1. Rope Lights Along the Perimeters

We’ve all seen homes with satisfying Christmas lights going around their doors and windows at crisp 90-degree angles and not a single light out of place. Well, why not try that with your landscaping design?

Of course, landscaping rarely involves 90-degree angles, but you get the point. Around the perimeter of your bushes, flower gardens, walkways, or anything else, try adding quality rope lights for a highly professional and appealing aesthetic!

  1. Uplighting on Your Home

Shine a spotlight from below! Using uplighting from behind your bushes and pointing up to your house creates a rather dramatic effect. If you want your house to look like it belongs in a movie, try this for yourself!

  1. Solar Lanterns

If you want to save money on your electric bill and want a more natural look to your yard, then why not kill two birds with one stone? Solar lanterns along your walkway will power themselves, improve your home’s aesthetic, and allow for a visible walkway in the dark!

  1. Light Up Your Trees

No, not Christmas trees. Any tree can take string lighting, especially if it’s near your patio or another hangout spot. This could be the perfect amount of lighting for nighttime social gatherings, and bring a “mythical” feel to your yard!

  1. Stair Lighting

Adding light sets to the top of each step is a great way to improve safety in the dark and the beauty of your walkway. If you have an outdoor stairway for your deck or porch, this could be a great addition!

Buy the Right Landscape Lighting

Regardless of which ideas you choose, you want to find high-quality lighting that won’t run up your electric bill. Also, you’ll need to find landscape lights that are meant for outdoor landscaping, as long-term exposure to the weather can harm lower-grade light fixtures. For more information, check out

Make It Shine

Now that you know some great landscape lighting ideas for your front yard, try them for yourself! Whatever effect you want to achieve, you should have no problem finding a lighting solution for it.

Make your home shine tonight and stay up to date with our latest tips for your home!

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