Bespoke Mirrored Cabinet – Adding Beauty and Value To Your Bathroom

A bespoke mirrored cabinet is essentially a mirrored piece of wood or steel furniture with a large, flat mirror on the outside. Often, a custom-made mirror is an actual larger piece of clear, square glass than the one on the side. The cabinet’s name is derived from the way mirrors are hung in the room. The frame of the piece is hinged, and hinges are placed on either side of the cabinet so that they can be opened and closed.

The majority of homes have at least one bathroom; it is used for numerous functions, including bathing, shaving, applying make-up, brushing one’s teeth, and other related activities. As most bathrooms are small, many homeowners do not have the room for several different sized pieces of furniture, which is where the Mirrored/bespoke mirror cabinets come in handy.

Many people use their bathrooms for many things, so it is important to maximize the space that one has to work with. Bespoke mirrors help solve these storage issues, by providing one with one, singular item to use in the bathroom. The bathroom is often small, and using special fixtures can maximize the amount of space that is available in the room.

5 Important things about Bespoke Mirrored Bathroom Furniture

  • Mirroring has been a trend for over a century now. It is nothing new, but it’s always been a way to make things look bigger and better. The trend of mirrored furniture is no exception. It’s becoming one of the most popular furnishings in homes all over the world.
  • Mirroring has also become trendy in interior design because it can create an illusion of space and does so without taking up much space itself.
  • Mirrored furniture is easy to care for, which means that you can avoid any harsh chemicals or cleaners that could damage your furniture’s surface.
  • You may not be aware that there are two different types of mirrored furniture in the market. One is the type that’s made to be put on top of a mirror. The other is the type that goes on the wall, usually above a mirror.
  • Mirrored furniture can be made in different shapes. Mirrored furniture with a curved top is more expensive than an oval-shaped one because it’s more difficult to create.

A bathroom should also provide an area for relaxing, taking a bubble bath, or applying makeup. The vanity unit is often in the way of these activities, but with a bespoke mirrored cabinet, the vanity can be placed close to a sitting area, while still providing storage space. This storage space is perfect for storing items such as makeup, lotions, creams, and towels.

The bathroom is also the place where many things are taken care of. Showers are often the main part of a bathroom, as well as having the added benefit of providing one with privacy. Having a walk-in wardrobe is ideal for this area.

These types of wardrobes can be very large, and when placing them near the vanity unit, the space can be maximized. Bespoke furniture is built to last, and because they are custom-built, everything is carefully considered. If you are planning on fitting a bespoke mirrored cabinet, you can be sure that the design will fit perfectly into your bathroom and add to its beauty.

It is also possible to find bespoke mirrored cabinets with glass doors. Some companies may even supply these doors free of charge, but will have their custom-made mirror applied to them. The mirrors on these cabinets can either be framed or have a frosted glass effect. Fitting a beautiful custom-made mirror into a bathroom with glass walls can really make a difference to the overall look of the room.

Bespoke Mirrored Bathroom Furniture For Your Bathroom

A bespoke mirrored cabinet, also known as a wall cabinet, is basically a large piece of mirrored glass with a mirrored front surface. A bespoke mirrored cabinet can be made for any home. However, when choosing a cabinet there are many things to consider.

Firstly, what room it will be fitted in and secondly, what style of the cabinet will fit best with the existing furniture in the room. The style of the mirrored cabinet must be in accordance with the rest of the furniture in the room. Here are some tips to help you choose a cabinet that will make a perfect addition to your room.

As they are usually placed in the bathroom they will have to deal with water frequently. The design of the cabinet will need to be waterproof. Therefore, you should not go for a design that will only get water stains from a tap. It is also advisable to look for a designer who uses LED lights in their bespoke bathroom cabinets.

LED lights provide a brilliant look even in the darkest bathroom and will save you on electric bills. A cabinet with LED lights will have the ability to brighten up the room as well as the bathroom which means more energy savings for you.


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