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Blackjack requires maximum composure, practical skills, and theoretical knowledge. Thanks to films, the press, and TV shows, the player has been stereotyped as a person with exceptional abilities. Anyone who has the desire to achieve results, perseverance, and hard work can learn to play blackjack. Today, this game can be played with Bitcoins.

How to Quickly Learn to Play Blackjack

Deciding how to play blackjack Bitcoin, a beginner must undergo training and gain a basic set of knowledge and skills. Unlike other gambling entertainment, luck is not the first place in this card game. In blackjack, some situations require knowledge and the ability to analyze.

How to Start Learning for a Beginner

First, you should study each rule of the classical versions – American and European. A beginner should know the main differences between them. Blackjack is a gambling type of entertainment in which a lot depends on the decisions of the player. The optimal strategy will help to maximize the probability of winning. It is selected taking into account all the rules of the game. The table, in the cells of which ready-made solutions of moves are written with the croupier’s card open and the player’s layout, will be very useful for a beginner.

After that, the player can sit down at the card table for hard training. They should continue until the beginner automatically makes decisions in different game situations. Special programs will also help to check knowledge. Having learned how to distribute a bankroll, you can try to play in a Bitcoin casino.

Basic Rules and Strategies

The goal of a blackjack player is to score more points than the dealer, but not exceed 21 points. Depending on the type of game, up to eight standard decks are used for distribution. In the beginning, the participants make bets, after which the dealer deals cards to himself and his opponents. After the set is completed, the final hands are compared and the winner is determined. During the hand, the player can take several actions:

  • stop dialing;
  • take another card;
  • double the bet (Double), after which he will receive one card instead of two;
  • split the cards into hands (Split) when a pair of identical ones appear;
  • surrender (with a weak hand);
  • insure against blackjack at the dealer.

Each move is used in a specific situation after assessing the chances of winning. A jack, queen, or king has a value of 10 points, an ace has a value of 1 or 11 points, and the rest are valued at their face value. The basic strategy will help you win. It is designed for long distances, so do not be upset if there are no quick results. The strategy reduces the odds of the casino to 0.5%.

Why Should You Play Bitcoin Blackjack?

There are several advantages of playing blackjack with Bitcoins:

  • The crypto wallet to which the winnings are withdrawn can be anonymous. If the casino also does not require verification, then it is not necessary to provide information about yourself.
  • Transaction speed. It depends on the workload of the cryptosystem, but usually, the withdrawal of winnings is faster than bank cards.
  • The convenience of payment. You can use an online or cold wallet, exchanger, or exchange. No need to register and pass verification in another payment service.
  • Honest, popular casinos do not charge commissions when replenishing or withdrawing winnings. But a small fee needs to be paid to the cryptosystem. The percentage is not fixed but depends on the amount and the desired speed of the transaction.
  • The bank or the administration of the electronic wallet or payment system may cancel transactions. This will not happen with crypto.
  • Reliability of translations. Money is guaranteed to arrive at the specified details.
  • Small bet sizes. Bitcoin is split up to 8 decimal places. You can make minimum bets in the game.

Most online casinos offer the opportunity to test blackjack for free. On the demo versions of the game, you can try out the strategies and get acquainted with the rules. You don’t have to risk your money. Beginners should learn how to manage their blackjack budget. It is possible to lose the entire amount. For this reason, it is necessary to allocate funds for the game that can be lost painlessly to the family budget. A beginner will quickly get used to blackjack with careful study of the rules and hard training. The game will be fun and profitable.


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