Boost Your Curb Appeal Using these Smart Features

Maybe you’re getting ready to sell your home, or maybe you just want the outside of your space to look and feel a little bit better. Regardless of why you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, you can do so in a fun and tech-styled way. These days, there’s a smart option for just about every tool, appliance, or piece of equipment. This goes the same for features that you can put on or around the exterior of your home. This spring and summer, if you’re on the lookout to make the outside of your home a little bit smarter, check out some of these ideas.

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Smart lighting for the outside of your home is a good idea for a few reasons. To start, having easy-to-control lighting for the exterior of your home can allow you to turn the lights on or off from just about anywhere via your phone or computer. With many newer fixtures, you can also adjust the brightness and color of the lighting as well, which works especially well for those who enjoy hosting a lot of gatherings. Further, having smart lighting can ultimately help you save energy that’s oftentimes wasted by lights being turned on for too long without reason.  

Entertainment System

A home entertainment system suited for the backyard is going to be a major gamechanger. These systems are excellent for those who like to have guests over as well as those who enjoy watching a game or listening to some music while also enjoying the nice weather. If this sounds like you, consider installing a smart surround sound system and television that’s equipped to perform well outdoors. Choose a shady spot that doesn’t get a lot of lighting, and create a space for the new system. These smart televisions and sound systems can easily connect to your phones, allowing you to access multiple channels and applications to enjoy. 

Sprinkler/Irrigation System

Want to have the healthiest lawn and garden around and save time and energy while doing so? Luckily for you, smart irrigation/sprinkler systems exist and they’re extremely easy to use. Basically, you would install one and set it up for the zone that you’re in, how much precipitation you get on average, and how much sunlight your lawn receives throughout the day. Using calculations, these systems will water only when your grass and plants need it, similar to how a thermostat works in your home. These systems are especially perfect for people who aren’t home very often and need a little extra help keeping the outdoors looking bright and alive. 

Security System

Keeping your home safe and secure is always necessary, and nowadays, it doesn’t take a lot of work to do so. By installing a smart home security system, you can secure your home and monitor it all via a few smart tools and your device. Some smart security systems are a little more on the basic side while others use a variety of tools and technology to keep your home safe and sound. Additionally, if you’re looking for ways to increase the value of your home, this could very well be a good way to do so. Consider using a free home appraisal tool to learn more about how security systems can increase the value of your home.

This spring and summer, use some of the smart tools and features listed above to elevate your home’s overall curb appeal. Not only will they make your outdoor experience more enjoyable, they’ll also make the role of be


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