Can You Eat Chips With Braces? – Food You Should Avoid for Braces

Everyone craves chips at some point in their lives, for some, more often than usual. Chips are crunchy, some are salty, and they are satisfying as well. Nothing beats eating chips and watching your favourite movie or a new series with your friends on Netflix. 

You have recently gotten braces and your orthodontist has warned you about the types of food you are allowed to eat and the ones that are off-limits which you are supposed to avoid throughout the period you’ll be having those braces on. You go home, it gets to another Saturday, most Saturdays people watch movies and have fun with their friends. It’s Saturday for you and you begin to wonder, are chips unsafe for my braces? I know he told me to avoid them but he didn’t say what type to avoid. You get confused, and out of worry you googled “can you eat chips with braces?” Lucky for you, your search result led you to this page. At the end of the article, you come to know if it’s okay for you to eat chips or not and if it’s okay, you learn the types you’ll be allowed to eat.

Can I eat chips with braces on?

I’m glad you asked. The answer is both yes and no. The reason for that is, even though you are not allowed to eat chips when you have orthodontic braces on, certain chips have been approved by orthodontics and it’s safe for you to consume with your braces. If you still haven’t seen an orthodontist, make sure to visit a Bondi Junction orthodontist today. 

What’s the fuss around braces and chips? Why am I not allowed to eat them?

Your orthodontist may likely tell you to avoid different types of food while you have your braces on. But why do I have to avoid them? I’ll tell you. In general, you are meant to avoid any type of food that’s hard or crunchy because they’ll not only damage your wire, but they can also cause your brackets to break. So rather than eating it and having to go meet your orthodontist for a replacement, they’ll just tell you to avoid it for the time being. You are not going to miss them forever but you’ll have to bear with it throughout the period you’ll be having the braces on.

What type of chips am I allowed to eat with my braces on?

Well, if you can’t avoid eating chips for the period you’ll be wearing your braces, some chips have been approved by the orthodontist and are safe for you to consume with your braces on. 

The type of chips you are allowed to eat are the ones that are baked and not fried. Baked chips have a softer consistency which makes them less crunchy. Remember you are meant to avoid hard and crunchy foods and those types of chips do not meet those criteria.

In general, when you have your braces on, go for chips that have a softer consistency and can break into larger pieces. 

The types of chips you are allowed to eat include:

  • Kale chips
  • Cheese puffs
  • Pringles 
  • Carrot chips
  • Veggie sticks
  • Baked chips

When eating the above snacks do well to eat them one after the another rather than stuffing your mouth with a bunch of them. Stuffing your mouth with them could still affect your braces. It can cause the wire to bend or break the bracket.

What type of chips am I not allowed to eat with my braces on?

After getting your braces, your orthodontist may tell you certain foods like hard bread, crunchy chips, and pizza crust because they could get stuck in between the braces and cause them to bend. Additionally, when you eat them (crunch down hard) the pressure on your braces could cause the brackets to break off.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to bend your wires or break off the brackets. That’s why you should avoid these types of chips when you have orthodontic braces on.

  • A majority of fried potato chips
  • Tortilla chips
  • Kettle-cooked chips
  • Cheetos or any similar fried snack
  • Cheez-its or any similar hard-baked crackers


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