Car accident claim: What happens during the consultation with a lawyer?

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A road accident can change your life forever. If you live in an at-fault state, you have the right to recover a settlement from the motorist who caused the mishap. Not every injury claim requires an attorney. For instance, if you escape the accident with just minor scratches and bruises, you might get fair compensation from the insurance company. On the contrary, when you are also accountable for the mishap to a certain degree or have endured serious injuries, you have to meet an attorney to know what the case is worth. Click here to book a consultation with a car accident lawyer. If you are wondering what happens during the first meeting, we have an overview for your help.

Discussing the case

When you step in for the consultation, make sure that you have everything pertaining to the case. From the medical records related to your accident injury care and prescriptions to the police report, insurance details, and other things like videos of the scene, bring everything along. It is also wise to make a list of questions that you want to ask about the claim. We recommend questions like –

  1. What’s the worth of my car accident claim?
  2. What factors are likely to have an adverse effect?
  3. What can I possibly do to avoid unwanted consequences?
  4. How do I deal with the insurance company?
  5. What damages can I recover?

The lawyer’s perspective

A good lawyer will listen to everything and review whatever evidence or details are with you. They will also answer the questions based on the initial details. Keep in mind that even lawyers need to dig deeper and investigate a case before they can state apparent facts. They can also evaluate the damages based on what you have suffered, which include lost wages, cost of current & expected future medical treatment expenses, and how the accident consequences are likely to impact your life. A personal injury attorney may choose not to take the case too. It really depends on the potential of your claim.

The costs

Most personal injury attorneys work on contingency. If they decide to represent you, they will ask for a share of what you get from the insurance company/other parties. The lawyer doesn’t get to charge for the number of hours they have invested, but you are still responsible for the expenses they incur to investigate and work on the claim.

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