Commercial Solar Panel Installation Factors that Affect Solar Generation Levels in California

Getting the right knowledge about solar panels is a must before getting one installed in your home or for your business. Solar panels can make residents get lower bills and so with commercial use. Electricity is important in running your business even if it costs you a lot, so why not consider shifting to solar energy? But before you make your decision to get a commercial solar panel installation, get familiar with solar panels for commercial use first. Knowing these factors before scheduling your facility’s solar panel installation can help you combat those that you can change.

Factors that Affect Solar Generation Levels in California


California may be included in the list of cities that have good solar PV capacity but some areas may still not be suitable for maximizing solar energy. The nearer your area to the earth’s equator the higher your solar PV capacity. You can ask your solar provider to check your area to be sure if it is good to get a solar panel for your business. They know more since they have the proper tool to use to check your area and they are more versed in the areas where solar energy is at its highest. 


The weather cannot be controlled and there will be days when the sun will not be showing such as cloudy days or during storms. Although solar energy can still be harvested, the amount that will be harvested will be reduced. The best remedy to this is to get a battery to work so you can store energy during sunny days. So you can have the energy to use during the days when the sun is not up. Be alert to the weather updates so you can estimate how much energy you can save. 


The most efficient time to be able to get solar energy is at noon when the sun is really up. Mornings and afternoons are still a good time for your solar panel to harvest energy. So it will really be best to get a battery to store energy during the peak hours and use them during the time that the sun is not up anymore. 

Orientation of the Tilt

The orientation of the tilt of your solar panel can affect the amount of solar energy that is absorbed by your solar panel. So getting a good provider who is really good at getting the right angle for your solar panels will be best. Choose a reputable solar provider and get the best result. During the inspection in your area, they can tell you how to tilt your solar panel and they can also check the position of your roof. If your roof is not suitable they can recommend ground mounting and find an area where to put your solar panels especially since it’s for commercial use then they nca find an area in ou building that can be best for your solar panels. 

Shading Elements

Elements that can cover your solar panel can affect the absorption rate of energy it can get. So make sure that there is no obstruction such as a large tree, or big shades coming from neighboring buildings. Also, make sure to clean your solar panels regularly to avoid accumulated dust or even leaves that may cover the solar panels. 


Dirt and other forms of pollution may affect the absorption rate of your solar panels if they accumulate on them. Any blockage from the outside will reduce the solar production of your solar panels since the photovoltaic cells will not be able to do their job if they are not exposed to the sunlight. Rains can wash away some of the elements but always make sure to check if you need to have your solar panels clean by the experts. 

All these commercial solar panel installation factors that affect solar generation levels in California should be taken into consideration before getting a solar panel installation in that way you can weigh if it will indeed benefit your business or not. Despite the reducing the absorption rate of the solar panel, the good part is there are remedies and it will still reduce your energy consumption compared to when you stick with the non-renewable source of energy. 


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